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Dowsing Updates --->>April 24, 2001

DIVINING MIND - UPDATES # 26 April 24, 2001



This time it's going to be rather short. We've been very busy re-
doing our website - we were supposed to get some help from
professional designers, but that didn't work out and I ended up doing
it myself. I'm not very proficient at that, so it took me quite a while to
finish and there still may be some mistakes. We've had some
problems with browser compatibility - it should work fine with IE4
and 5 and Netscape 4 and higher, but I'm not sure how it works with
other browsers. Your input here would be appreciated.

The new design supposed to make the navigation a bit easier and
"brighten" the site up. All the dowsing information is now under one
umbrella - the link on the left border called "Dowsing Tips". I also
added a form for cheque and money orders on the catalog pages and
all images and descriptions are displayed there without having to go
through more links. I have trouble delegating different tasks - I'm used
to having full control of how and when things are done, maybe it's
time to learn it.

Before I forget - a big "thank you" to all that send the comments,
advice and requests for the re-designed webpage. We've used some
of them and may still implement some more later on.

Dowsing Tips

I get a lot of questions on how to improve dowsing accuracy. I
know we've been there already and I'm sure we'll go there again.
Here's a little summary:

1. Try to be neutral to the outcome of your question / search.

2. Drink a glass of water.

3. Make sure your question is precise and doesn't have words with
double meanings.

4. Use surrogate dowser - ask another dowser to dowse your
question without telling him/her the question itself, e.g. question nr.
one - yes, no? question nr. 2, etc. This way there is no emotional
attachment to the outcome.

5. Ask to be connected only to the Highest Source of information.
My favourite lately is to ask before dowsing if I'm connected to the
Highest Source of information that is in Light (as opposed to

6. Allow for other answers besides "yes" and "no". This may take
some time to figure out. You may get a different reaction for
"question not clear", "yes, but..." or "No, but..., etc.

7. Practice make perfect, so practice, practice, practice!

That's all for now, enjoy the warmer weather (at least in this neck of woods)
and keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik 
Divining Mind 
Send your input to: chris@diviningmind.com

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