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Dowsing Updates --->>August 14, 2000

August 14, 2000

We've experienced some serious server problems (again!) and some of your e-mail might have bounced back - my sincere apologies. For those who think about starting your own web page - we have a list of web hosts to stay away from! :o)

Because of that and because we've received only a few replies to our Dowsing Challenge - we've decided to extend it for another month - till the end of August. I guess it's vacation time.



We would like to change the format of this Update Newsletter to include more of your input - how about starting with your favourite dowsing story - be it successful, learning experience, funny... anything goes as long as it brings us closer to the dowsing phenomena. We will include your signature file if so desired.


I would like to propose a dowsing experiment involving one of the basic uses of dowsing - checking the food we eat.
The "traditional" way of doing it is placing your pendulum between the food you test and yourself and mentally ask the question: "Is this food good for me?" (of course the more precise the question, the more relevant the answer). The pendulum movement between the tested food and yourself indicates the "yes" answer ("ray of sympathy"), sideways movement indicates "no".
You can also check the value of the food on a percentage scale (chart) - the question would be, e.g.: "For my highest good - what is the percentage value of this food?"
The essence of my experiment is to determine if we can increase that value by using dowsing techniques.
Once you determine the value of the tested food for yourself - make a note of it and try the following: using your pendulum give it a clockwise rotation and command: "Please put in all the nutrients that I need for my highest good." and test it again on the percentage scale.
The next thing is to use your pendulum over the food and command: "Please take out anything that is not in my highest good" and test it again.
You may be surprised at the changes in the value of the food.
It would be interesting to have another dowser check it - is the change happening in the food itself or is it change within us?


After reading Christopher Hills' "Rays from the capstone" and "Supersensonic" I wanted to experiment with his "Pi-Ray Orgone Accumulator Coffer", but his books and products were not available anymore. You can imagine my surprise when I found one at my next door neighbour's yard sale! Have any of you experimented with it? I would like to hear about your experience.


I'd like to add a page to our website with beginner's resources and would appreciate your input on what information to include there.



This is a "classic" set of two angled wires. Ours are made out of brass wire with woden handles and friction fit brass witness chamber at the end.
They are very sensitive and allow wide range of dowsing activities, like detecting water and minerals, finding lost objects, checking energy lines, locating buried pipes or cables, medical diagnosing, checking aura, etc.

Regular $18.20
Special $15.45

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To order - please e-mail:


That's all for this issue. Please send your feedback, questions, suggestions, praise, critique, etc. to chris@diviningmind.com

Keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik

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