Incredible Coffer File

Interwoven SB coils


They are put together so that centres of the middle "S" are touching at the 90 degrees angle. It looks like configuration like this creates a growing vortex and may be useful in some applications. I'd like to call it "Polish Coil" to salute my homeland.


Vortex Coil


This design is from a fellow Canadian, Ken Gailey, who theoretically calculated magnetic lines configuration of a black hole some 20 years ago, just recently confirmed by telescope pictures.

The picture is a bit deceiving - the sides are in fact a bit sucked-in. The ratio of 1:5 is the most important and the height should equal the large opening. It looks like half of Don's Big Secret coil.

I made several of them from an insulated household wire (14 gauge) - it takes a bit of work, but well worth it. One day I may even make a jig to make it properly.

Try putting it over one of Ed Vos's tetrahedrons from this site: