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Dowsing Updates --->>December 14, 2001




For some time I wanted to create a discussion group where
new ideas, techniques, experiments could be exchanged -
well, finally I got it set up. It's a public board with
energy dowsing and healing as a topic, posting allowed to
subscribers only and for security measures the members list
is not available for viewing. It's a text only format. You
can subscribe by going to:


(you may have to turn the word wrap off to make it clickable).

It's a brand new list, so please say "hi" and introduce yourself.


Great Meditation - December 30, 2001

For the second time Polish magazine Nieznany Swiat (Unknown
World) organizes Great Meditation for its readers and fans.
Last year's meditation's theme was world peace and thousands
of people participated. This year the intention is Love -
unbound, pure, unconditional Love that crosses any
It will take place on December 30, 2001 between 8 pm and
8:30 pm Warsaw time. (GMT plus 1 hour).
You can use prayer, meditation, or any other technique you
feel comfortable with.

For those who need a little guidance - here is a text
(roughly translated from Polish):

"I can see my heart, I can hear it beating, I can feel it.
It's filled with Love, that overflows as Light. Feeling of
Love surrounds me; I feel gently pulsating warmth and
happiness inside. I am Love, great, pure, unbound and
ever present.

Light rays are darting from my heart in every direction.
First rays I send to those I love - my family, friends,
colleagues. I can see them and feel them. They respond with
the same; our rays merge together forming streams of Love
Light. This Light comes out of my heart and also enters my
heart from every direction.

I am surrounded by a bright sphere of positive energy of
Love. I am peaceful, strong and safe. I am shielded by my
Love and the Love of others; all who decided to join today
in giving, sharing and receiving Love are also shielded.
No negative thoughts, words or actions can penetrate it. I
can wrap others in this protective blanket of Love and
others can wrap me.

I also send rays of Love to those that are unkind and
hostile to others. Maybe it will change them, maybe it will
plant a seed of change within them. If they respond with
kindness, I will accept it with joy. All negative feelings
will bounce off the sphere of Light to disappear in

I catch every ray of Love sent to me to merge them into one
giant Radiance. Let this Radiance stay in us and around us
to give Light to our thoughts, words and actions, to make
our everyday life easier and joyous.
Let this Radiance reach the Highest Universal Love and
become One with the Universe. Let the shining rays of Love
help meet all the friends - the old and the new.
What we do we do it for Mother Earth, Nature and life."


Please send your questions, comments, suggestions, your
favorite dowsing stories...

That's all for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik
Divining Mind
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