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OK here we go. I'll start first by telling you a little bit about me. My name Is Mary Marie Satterlee. I live in Phoenix, AZ. I was born and spent the first fifty + years of my life in Des Moines, Iowa. I am a trustee emeritus, and a lifetime member of the American Society of Dowsers. I served as a trustee for twelve years.

During that time I was secretary for two years and South West regional vice-president for two years. I have been active in many capacities in more than 70 conferences, serving as Dowsing School director, teacher, and presenter. I was the director and later co-director of the West Coast Conference and still serve on that committee. I was an ordained minister of the Spiritual Response Association. I chaired the Annual Convention in Vermont in 1988 and 1989. I received the coveted Dowser of the Year award n 1989. I was the founder and first president of the Verde Valley Chapter in Arizona. I served as president of the San Jose Chapter,, California for six years. I taught my first dowsing school in Dallas, Texas in November 1984 and followed that by teaching a school in Fayetteville, Arkansas for Harold and Gladys McCoy in February 1995. I am a charter and lifetime member or ORI. I have presented at ORI conferences and served as a teacher at the ORI Power of Thought School.

Class #1

Dowsing is an ancient and honored art. It has many detractors but it lives on and even grows in popularity. There are two things without which man cannot live, one is air and the second is water. Without either one we die. It is as simple as that. When new settlers came to this country they knew they must have water. They did not have geologist and hydraulics but they did have the "water-witch" so wells were found and dug. Today those who find water wells are called dowsers. Many still provide homes and communities with drinkable water.

Dowsing survives! Please understand that these classes are like reading a book about how to dowse. They will not and cannot take the place of a hands on school. Every conference and the annual convention has dowsing schools. If possible try to attend one. Many chapters also give dowsing instruction at their dowsing meetings.

THERE IS NO MAGIC IN ANY INSTRUMENT!!! This is not to say that one may feel more comfortable in your hand or appeal to you by the way it is shaped or by its color. Dowsing tools come in many shapes, sizes and may cost a little or a lot. The price usually has nothing to do with the ability of the user to get a response. Just as there are many different automobiles with different prices it doesn't affect how you drive. My Saturn will take me any place I want to go. So what I'm saying is: If you find a very expensive tool and you can afford it, buy it. You'll enjoy it. But if the price is too much a lesser priced one will work just as well. Remember, There is NO MAGIC in any tool.

There are four types of basic instruments. Actually there are more but we will just use the four most commonly used. They are: L-rods, Y-rods, Pendulums and the Bobber or wand. We will start with the L-rods, sometimes called swing rods or angle rods. All of these name make sense. They are called L-rods because they are shaped like an L. They are called angle rods because they are at an angle, and swing rods because they swing when they are being used. They can be made of any material that will take and hold the shape.

We'll start with the L-rod. It is the most commonly used field instrument. If you do not have an L-rod make one from a wire coat hanger. You do not even have to cut it. Just hold it by the long straight edge with the hooks pointing in front of you. Using regular L-rods with or without sleeves, hold the rod by the short end pointing the long end in front of you. Do not put your thumb over the bend as this will impede the swing. Now comes the fun part. You talk to the rods as if they were children. You are actually giving your subconscious orders but you pretend you are talking to the rods. Hold the rods about shoulder width apart. Keep loose. Hold the rods parallel to the floor, then dip them slightly, about 5%. This will help hold the rods steady. Now say "rods I want you to cross for a yes or affirmative answer. "Give me a yes". You make them do it by physically crossing the rods. (I am not a strict as some teachers. If the rods want to open for a yes, so be it. Just be sure that you always get the same response for a yes answer.) I have found that sometimes it helps to set up a target and tell the rods to cross when your feet is over the target. The important thing is to get a response.

Do not worry or fret over how it works. Just do it. To get a no answer ask your rods to move in the opposite way than for a yes. In other words, if you have programmed your rods to cross for a yes, now program to open for a no. This takes some practice, so go to it. Reading these instructions will do you no good whatsoever unless you practice, practice, practice. I think that most of you already use a pendulum, so we will not spend too much time with them. If this is not so, just let me know. We will take up the Bobber and the Y-rods tomorrow.

There are three methods of dowsing.: Field, Map, Informational. We will talk abut them later. There are two important considerations. One is asking permission. The other is How to ask the Right Question. We'll take up "How to Ask the Right Question later. One more thing. Do good. Is there a need? Dowsing is a method of finding water, minerals, objects, and gathering information by means other than the five senses. A field is any area where you can be directly over the target. It can be a large farmers field. It can be a room. It can anyplace as long as the object you are looking for is in that area. A map is a geological survey map, a photo or even a hand drawn sketch. Charts are excellent maps.

 Informational dowsing consists of asking questions without the benefit of a map or target. You are more or less asking you inner self to find the answers from" somewhere". A target can be water wells, an oil well, lost object, person, pet or pathology if you are competent in that area. This target must be defined and held in your mind. You do not have to keep repeating the target but don't let your mind wander. As a dowsing aid, many dowsers use a witness. A witness is a drop of blood, a piece of hair, a drop of oil, a drop of pure water, a piece of clothing or anything that will identify the target.

Many times in trying to locate lost persons, police will let bloodhounds sniff a piece of clothing. This is one method of using a witness. An instrument can be any of the four basic tools, an Aurameter, your intuition, or any method of deviceless dowsing. To be proficient, however you need to be able to get a consistent yes-no answer with whatever tool that you choose to use.

 Class 2

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"I couldn't be more pleased with the rods. They are so responsive. Nothing I have ever used has responded so quickly or smoothly. I am very pleased with the rods and thank you for your concern and efforts. This is an exceptionally fine product."

Dave Eller

As soon as I took the pendulum out of the package I could feel the white spectrum energy (Or some energy at least). It is a wonderful pendulum, more responsive than any other pendulum I have tried and I get more accurate answers than ever before. I use a test were I get a freind to hide a little piece of paper under one of 6 things in a halfcircle, and with this new Isis Brass I get about 9 out of 10 right all the time (So cool) And it is also good looking.

Thank you for the great pendulum

Best regards,

David Jørgensen, Denmark



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