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Put your elbow on the table. If you are right handed, use your right hand to dowse with the pendulum: There is a little flat bead on the black string of the pendulum. Shorten it to about 2 to 3 inches from the pendulum, as this is where you will hold the string. Hold it with thumb, index, and middle fingers, or what feels comfortable for you. The shorter the string, the faster the pendulum moves. Say: "Clear me. Shield me. I invite the Holy Spirit, and my High Self Committee of Guides & Angels, to talk to be present and to talk to me through my pendulum."

Put your elbow on the table, and sit comfortably. Swing the pendulum away from your body, and back again, (forward & back) while doing that say this: "This is my Yes. People nod their heads yes, and this is my Yes.



Next, swing the pendulum gently, from left to right side, and say this: "This is my No. People shake their heads No, and this is my No.

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Start by swinging the pendulum in a clock-wise circle, and say the following:


dowsing clearing

This is my Clearing Signal. My pendulum goes in a circle when my High Self Committee is clearing something, like a block, program, or negative energy away." Your High Self Committee, your angels and guides will talk to you through the pendulum. In this way, They can help you more, and give you accurate universal information. This is a tool that you will have for life. If you are not sure, if a vitamin is good for you for example, hold the vitamins in your non-dominant hand, and dowse over it. Ask: "Is this good for me?" They will tell you Yes, or No. When you ask a question, give the pendulum a twist, in a circle, clockwise, and that will get it started.
Programming Your Subconscious To Use A Pendulum
With this method, you will get free information from your High Self Committee, your own Guides and Angels. You can also use numbered charts, so that you can ask percentage type questions. Like this:

"What percentage of good will this new job give me, if I take it?" Then, swing your pendulum in a circle to get it started. They will search around for the right percentage on the numbered chart. For example, if the pendulum swings to 7, that means 70% benefit. Then, you ask if 70% (for example) is right. They will say, Yes or No.

You can also ask days of the week using the numbers on the chart:
1 - Monday
2 - Tuesday
3 - Wednesday
4 - Thursday
5 - Friday
6 - Saturday
7 - Sunday

Ask what page the word is on that your High Self Committee wants to tell you. They will say, for example, page 58. Then you go to page 58 in the dictionary, and ask, if it is the Right or Left column on page 58. Give the pendulum, a circular twist, and it will go Yes, or No. They will say, for example, that it is the left column on page 58. Then put your pendulum in No mode (left to right side)......Then, with your free hand, you go down the list with your index finger, until you get a Yes, on your pendulum. So, as you go down the list, you want to start with the pendulum swinging - No. When you hit the right word, it will go Yes. Ask if this is the right word to confirm.

Clear and Shield. Ask if you have discarnates (Souls that have died, and left their bodies). If you get a Yes, say: "Clear, and remove. Take them to their proper place, there is no Sin. God loves them." If the discarnate is still present, you have a nasty one. Say this then: "Shackle, throw them into the Holy Spirit, clear, and remove. Take them to their proper place, there is no Sin, God loves them." No discarnate, can resist the shackle method. It is very important to stay clear of discarnates (entities, or Souls). Check to make sure that you are clear each day.

Use a numbered chart, and ask how accurate you are. Say: "How accurate am I?" It should say 100%. If it does not, ask them to clear and shield you again. Do this until you get a 100% answer.
It might take some time to learn the pendulum, so practice a little each day. The Masters say that all High Souls have used a pendulum before. This is not surprising as pendulums have been around for thousands of years, and some where even found in Egyptian tombs, from over 6,000 years ago. The Pendulum is a wonderful tool, and will help you through out your life. It is free, easy to use, and you can test your accuracy. Anyone can use it. All you have to do is practice and it will surely bring results. The best pendulum on the Net, the 'Super Isis' model, - was redesigned by my own Masters. You can purchase it at:

Blessings & Love,
The Masters & Whitneay
NewSpirit Services


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I just want to say a big THANKS for the Power Pendant! I received the chalcedony and blue topaz power pendant from you a few days ago.  It arrived just 3 days after you shipped it! My husband bought the pendant for me as a "Mommy gift." We just had a baby son on December 1st.

My husband told me to dowse the pendants to see which was the right one and it was the one with blue topaz...the December birth stone...which gave me the biggest YES and it was also the one I was intuitively attracted to.  I also love chalcedony for its protective properties, as I work with energy and I am very energetically sensitive.
 When I wear chalcedony, it is easier for me to not be so affected by other folks' energies.

Once I had activated the Power Pendant and put it on, I felt the energy immediately. Within a few hours, I was feeling more energized and less "fuzzy" than I have felt since the baby's birth. Today, I was surprised to find myself thinking in a much clearer way than I have since the birth and I was thinking about steps to my goals, etc.,....something I have to "get with," but haven't been able to focus on the last few months of the pregnancy and since the birth.

 The baby likes the pendant, too, really cool since it contains his birthstone. He actually reaches for it and holds it while I am nursing him! In addition to all its energetic properties, I also find it to be an absolutely gorgeous and unique piece of jewelery!




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