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In the issue #66 of Dowsing Updates I've asked subscribers for their tips and techniques to overcome problems associated with dowsing personal issues. The response was so great that I've decided to post some of the tips here for the benefit of all.

Now - dowsing personal issues. Throughout my dowsing years I found out that when it comes to dowsing personal issues, like my own health (or close family member's), relationships, etc. - my accuracy (and even my self-confidence) suffers. It's possible that it's something I've programmed into my subconscious, but it's quite annoying. The best way to deal with it would be to go to the root of the problem and change the programming, but somehow I have a problem doing that. Usually I use "surrogate" dowsing - I ask another dowser to dowse my questions without telling him what they are, like question one - yes or no, question two, etc. It's a bit time consuming and not always possible, so sometimes I write my questions on pieces of paper, fold them so that the writing is not visible and dowse each piece separately and mark each one with the answer. This way I take the personal attachment out of it.
Do you have any such techniques you would like to share? Do you know a simple working solution to subconscious programming? I'd love to hear from you.

Accurate dowsing is always an issue for all of us. It's no reason to feel inadequate or limited. One thing is certain, the answers we get are always directly connected to our full situation. Keep in mind, we are inseparably connected to the infinite. This vastness also includes infinite possibilities. So its how we've tuned that connection to the infinite and the infinite possibilities with our intent that ultimately gives us the answer to our question.

All dowsers recognize the importance of neutrality in dowsing. We all have our own rituals, some even use a specific device to help "distance" themselves from the action. That neutrality must be reflected not only in the subject matter and the outcome, which many people embrace, but also our perspective. Perspective in its use here is a very big word. It not only means where we are coming from (for example, how we approach dowsing for water, if we've been doing it for years is with confidence, very big awareness below the ground, sensitivity to the energies of the earth, issues of drilling, quality and use of water... The list goes on, it has depth, it may not all be conscious immediately, but its all fully engaged.) to how we view and relate to those items.

 All those items won't impact our life... We have a neutral perspective. These four facets of perspective are all required... Did you miss one? 1. Point of view, 2. Confidence: It is essential that you have an expectation of success, confidence with your ability. And this aspect is both telling and misleading at the same time. (This is a topic for discussion on it's own. Here I'll just summarize its paradoxical position in dowsing.) You must ignore the doubts to begin, embrace the doubts to improve, be doubt free to succeed and create doubts to remain a successful dowser.

3. All inclusive awareness of the factors in proper measure, 4. Neutral to these three. The situation you describe can be addressed directly by looking at your perspective in this framework. Your self-confidence is inspiring you to examine your perspective more closely. You've identified the sub-conscious aspect of your relationships as the area of concern and the indications are that you are either not neutral to this area, or its out of perspective. Perhaps you've missed the meaning of the answer you've gotten... That the subconscious is the area that needs work, not the block to getting to the work that is needed. (So look not only at your own, but your relative's subconscious in this case.)

I have been working with people for health related issues for years. I find dowsing in health related issues works best when you set up a perspective that approaches the whole interaction as you would a really good conversation. And I consistently, over hundreds of people and situations, found that the answers I get are always related, like a conversation, to the question, but not always what I expected. (Good dialogue rolls with and integrates miss-heard words, off-topic remarks, diversions, interruptions, etc.)
A sense of humor really helps, because the newly discovered relationships between questions and answers are often like a good joke... They make perfect sense in a twisted way. But better than a night at the local comedy club, these insights actually lead to better health. Changing the way we hold ourselves is that key to changing our health.

A simple proof of this is to first determine how good you feel... Then look in a mirror. Now smile at yourself. See it, feel it, do it again. Three times... Take maybe 2 minutes. Now, how do you feel... Does it get any better than this? So like the Geomancer who has his own way of defining the energies of the earth so he can dowse them accurately, I have a way of defining the sub-conscious that makes it easier to deal with. You may find it useful in dealing with your situation, and moving on to the next step in facilitating your family with your dowsing. I hold subconscious issues in a physical space that corresponds to what I perceive it to be... It's infinite & unknown, it has an ability to keep issues for a very long time, allowing them to influence without being affected specific aspects and actions we take in our life. These issues are usually things we do not want to know, but if we wanted to... With the proper guidance we could go exploring them (perhaps through hypnosis)... I find this is not necessary to heal them. Once healed, subconscious issues actually become conscious as wisdom, without charge or emotional rendering.

What would that look like for you? For me it's an ocean below my feet. I walk on the waters of my subconscious... Which is dark and impenetrable to the eye of consciousness, but not to the sonar of awareness. I can easily sense related objects/issues in outline, but not get hooked into the traumas or feelings I don't want to know. And like mysterious objects from the deep, they do tug at and influence my conscious behaviors and physical feelings, sometimes like a light current pulling a boat, sometimes like a sub-surface floating mine. Healing those issues, when they interfere is very simply done when directly approached. (Confidence is required.) It is, a part of you. You have complete dominion over yourself... Just direct the effort. So, holding my subconscious below me, I dowse (my sonar) for any issues that are affecting my ________ (fill in the blank: dowsing, sore knee, ability to help my daughter...). I'm sure you have your own way to break this down at this point... I go.. Yes/No to issues, I locate them spatially under the water, I count them if that's necessary and order them in sequence of healing, if that's necessary... I keep them safely unknown, knowing them is not necessary and can lead to bigger problems; but I prefer less drama in my life, you may have other goals.

When I test that I have sufficient information to heal, I simply direct my healing energies into my subconscious, like tiny golden scrubbing bubbles, or whatever method feels/tests right, and watch my dowsing tool (spinning pendulum) or sonar as it monitors the change... Often the dark waters become clear when the healing is complete. Now you can move on in the conversation and dowse what's next to heal that sore shoulder of your wife... After all there is the vacuuming to be done. Or better, a massage in return for the healing.. LoL...

Bill Mundy    for consultations:, for classes: and personal:

I Haven't asked questions regarding personal issues for quite a while, if I ever really did..
The real beauty of dowsing for me is the "REVEAL". This comes from a perfect "not knowing." As soon as you ask a question, you know something, and now you are into confirming or denial. Not the same thing as the "reveal."

I try to avoid yes and no responses as much as possible. I mostly rely on series counts, much as described by Abbe Mermet. These I find are more in the "revealing attitude."

For instance, if you had a glass of water and wanted to know how pure it was.
Instead of asking yes and no, you would take a series count. If the series was 7 then the water would be perfectly pure. If another series like an 8 or 6 was witnessed then there would impurities in the water.

I have a website that is registered and up, but not complete, maybe this weekend. It's called

In a chapter, called Affirmations & Clearings  I'll write about a simple but powerful technique I witnessed 25 years ago. A Reverend Radcliff shared this with a group of healers.

Take a 4x6 plain index card. Fold in half and cut. Fold one of the two pieces in half and cut. You now have one larger witness card and two smaller working cards/

On the witness card sign your name. On one small working card write
"10cc of blood", on the other working card write "purify and energize to the highest possible levels."

Place the 10cc of blood on top of the witness card and with a counter-clockwise rotation of the pendulum, take out of the body the essence of 10cc of blood. When the pendulum stops rotating the removal is complete.
Remove the 10cc card from the witness and place the purifying card on top of it.
With a clockwise rotation, pendule in the purest energies from the almighty, your other hand is palm up. When this rotation is complete, take the 10cc card and place in on the witness. Now pendule in the essence of the purified blood into the body.

I have done this exercise for myself and my wife and pets. I note the durations, they can reveal a special need.
The blood could be changed to an organ, but I find that blood is the great healer in our bodies.
The most interesting feedback regarding this technique, is that both my wife and myself are cancer survivors, and our sweet cat Agatha lived almost 5 years longer than the vets thought she would, with Lymphoma.

One other thought, and I just reflected on it. On my website in the chapter called dowsing the stock market. I write about "finding investors." A similar technique could be used to go inside the body and rotate looking for abnormalities. A rotation would be a target and an oscillation would be normal. The target would be any vibration less than a 7 on a perfect 10 to 1 scale. I might give that a try. North would be the head and East the right side of the body, South the feet and so on. Signals would be recorded and a map of the body would referred to.


Maverick dowser spells out thirty year quest for achieving proficiency regarding risk and reward situations.

I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to get "myself" out of the way.  I haven't tried it with dowsing yet (because I'm still trying to master EFT).  But I am confident it will work so seamlessly with dowsing, that when I can finally put the two together, there's not much I won't be able to break through. If you're interested on finding out what EFT is, check out the following web-site.

Jaylyn Rowley Enyart

In response to subconscious programming, I have a technique that works for me.  Although we are uniquely different, this may be a commonality we share.
I start by declaring my intention, and that my word is my law, and everything that I am responds by corresponding to my stated intention.  I then wait a few moments sensing my power and authority over my life, and then I proceed.

Kim Winders, licensed Science of Mind Practitioner

I'm an energyworker with over 35 years of professional experience and have been learning these types of techniques all my life (I'm nearly 52!).
One thing that has helped me when I want to work on myself, is to visualize myself outside of myself and then do the work. When you come from that point of view you abandon the bias that comes from wanting or wishing the answers to be one way or another. I'm not sure if it will work with dowsing as I have less experience with that, but you could try it.

Dr Lexis Johnson, PhD  Applied Psychology, Intrinsic Data Fields and Radionics

I usually ask the subconscious to program the dowsing system to be 100% accurate - it seems to help. Also ask if there are any non-beneficial energies affecting you or your dowsing and clear them.

Blessings, Corinne

You can tell your sub-conscious to only respond to those thoughts that are in line with what you want or where you want to be. Then the other technique is to put a rubber band around my wrist which reminds me to monitor my thinking to only positive and constructive putting a string around your finger. So this makes you aware of when you are thinking thoughts that are not in line with your goal or objective.

Hope this is thought provoking or even helps and we are sending you light, love and laughter,

Now, for Mary's thoughts. Dowsing----well, like holding your hands over the body much like Reiki and then feeling for hot and cold.......HOT means this area needs some healing energy so I wonder if your thoughts are not in tune then if hands are laid then your head's probably steaming-----hahaha but, just the same if you have any idea of the thoughts of which there may be sickness then you could use dowsing rods for simple yes or no........

Mary & Pat

 It is difficult to dowse for personal issues due to:
1: we want the answers of our choice.
2: fear of unwanted answers.
3: confused.
4 :low confidence
5: it is not the right time to tap universal mind.

( Important Dowsing tips: My crystals are my babies. My pendulum is my Krishna (God). As crystals are alive one must give a name to all personal crystals. It is advisable to connect with Deity or Deva. Never play with your pendulum. Your pendulum is like your personal spirit guide & a guide is always at a higher rank then us.)

When I dowse for personal issue, I repeatedly request Krishna to be neutral, give me balanced state of Mind & be with me.
Then I keep my receptive hand on my heart chakra & ask questions with active hand..
The movement of my pendulum and the movement of my heart chakra / my heart beats help me to find correct answer. When the answer is from the universe the beats are normal and when influenced by your emotions the beats are faster.
Then I simply ask my Krishna: Is this an answer from Krishna?
This technique often works. Sometimes there is no answer or pendulum movement is not steady then I ask :
Is it beneficial for me to know the answer to my question right now?
I get a clear yes or no movement for this question. This way I get 90% accuracy.
As I believe no human can answer 100% as universe in a constant flow of vibrations which can be changed in positive or negative way by internal and external factors. All predictions from any tool dowsing, astrology, tarot etc can show there are chances of a event to be happened. Future is always a mystery.

Lots of light to all dowsers.
Dedicated to all my Vidhya Gurus. (Vidhya-Knowledge)

Kalpana Solanki  Reiki Mastery of few modalities, crystal healing , Pendulum Dowsing

Three things that work for me.

1. Do dowsing on your best day according to astrology.
2. Full moon period very beneficial
3. Void course of moon
4. Personal problems usually make you upset. If you are upset do not do any dowsing.
5. It helps to dowse at 1:30 PM local sidereal time.


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