Dowsing Resources

This is a place  to gather resources - links, articles and other info to get you started on this exciting journey - dowsing! It is in it's early stage now and I will try to add to it as we go along. Please remember - there is no single technique that is right for everybody, so try them all and choose whichever feels the most comfortable for you. Any suggestions and comments will be appreciated.

Deviceless Dowsing
A set of instructions from Dan Wilson on using our body for dowsing, showing his great sense of British humour.
Dowsing Instructions
Here is a set of instructions by our friend Whitneay. It's not the only way to use pendulum, but it gives a great starting point. She uses this system to help many people (including myself), so you can give it a try.

Holding Your Dowsing Tools
Here are a few pictures on how to hold your basic dowsing tools: pendulum, L-rod and Y-rod.

Dowsing Water Depth
Here are some tips for determining the depth of the water source.
Dowsing Classes by MaryMarie Satterlee
An excellent basic course in dowsing - great for beginners and good brush-up for advanced. dowsers.
Medical Diagnosing Technique by Joe Smith
A new technique of medical diagnosing using pendulum and a human silhouette.
Energy Dowsing
A great list of energy dowsing techniques put together by Marilyn Gang.
The Shield
A geometrical form with some amazing properties.
Dowsing Charts
A few samples of dowsing charts, how to create your own.
Dowsing Links
Collection of links to other dowsing and related websites.
Dowsing on eBay
Dowsing and related products available on eBay.

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"I couldn't be more pleased with the rods. They are so responsive. Nothing I have ever used has responded so quickly or smoothly. I am very pleased with the rods and thank you for your concern and efforts. This is an exceptionally fine product."

Dave Eller

Thanks for the prompt service and excellent quality of the pendulum I purchased. It will definitely be a part of my life for a long time to come. I had owned a cheaper pendulum and had good results. Now I have more confidence in my readings because of the quality of this product.

Thanks again

Tom White,
Jenkintown, PA


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