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Dowsing Updates --->>November 4, 2003


Dowsing Personal issues


It's been a wild ride from mid December - first the problems with the mailing list script, later - what I planed to be a smooth move to a new semi-dedicated server prove to be a rather bumpy road. Hopefully it's all behind. We have a lot more resources for the mailing list now and website loading speed should improve significantly. It may still take some time to iron out any wrinkles in the system - I'm learning about the server root access and all that jazz...

I've decided to give html e-mail a try - I'd appreciate your feedback on that. It will come in both: text and html formats.

Now - dowsing personal issues. Throughout my dowsing years I found out that when it comes to dowsing personal issues, like my own health (or close family member's), relationships, etc. - my accuracy (and even my self-confidence) suffers. It's possible that it's something I've programmed into my subconscious, but it's quite annoying.

The best way to deal with it would be to go to the root of the problem and change the programming, but somehow I have a problem doing that. Usually I use "surrogate" dowsing - I ask another dowser to dowse my questions without telling him what they are, like question one - yes or no, question two, etc. It's a bit time consuming and not always possible, so sometimes I write my questions on pieces of paper, fold them so that the writing is not visible and dowse each piece separately and mark each one with the answer. This way I take the personal attachment out of it.

Do you have any such techniques you would like to share? Do you know a simple working solution to subconscious programming? I'd love to hear from you.

Because of a very unreliable delivery of the last two Updates I'd like to repeat my request for your experience with what I call "energy pendulums" - those from Isis family, Osiris, Karnak, Simplified Universal, UFO, Mer-Isis. I'd like to create a booklet or an e-book with different techniques of using those pendulums as there is a big void there and I get a lot of questions that this could answer. Thank you in advance.

That's all for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik
Divining Mind


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