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Dowsing Updates --->>February 25, 2000
This is just an update to an update.

I changed the look of our website into something "bubbly" - how do you like it? Please help me iron out some bugs.
If you still get the old one - you may have to flash your browser's cache memory.

If you checked the Esoteric Classifieds lately you will notice just one ad there - well, we got spammed with "business opportunities" and in the process of tightening the security we lost the ad database. If you have products/services or announcements that are esoteric in nature - please feel free to post it there. Please let me know when you do as now all the ads are put in the queue for approval to avoid problems. Of course those ads are free to post.

I decided to scratch the idea of the forum, at least in the form that I have uploaded to the server. It requires manual entries of participants and their passwords, maintenance is also manual and it would be almost a full time job to keep it going. I'm still looking for different software/idea.

For all the new subscribers - our special on Isis pendulums from Volvo line will last till the end of February:

Isis brass small regular price - $16.90 special - $14.37
Isis brass medium regular price - $22.10 special - $18.79
Super Isis brass regular price - $30.40 special - $25.84

Please don't order them directly from the catalogue page! I set up a separate page at:


This special is only for the subscribers of this update list.

As always all your comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.

I promise more dowsing in the next update!

Keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik


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