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Dowsing Updates --->>February 2, 2002





There was no update in January, mostly due to lack of time.
There were quite a few new subscribers and many questions
about finding information on dowsing basics, so I'd like
to devote this issue to that.


Due to increased charges by Canada Post and lack of some
basic services, we had to raise the shipping charge for
our wholesale buyers. (The retail is still a flat rate
of $5.00 for air mail to the US, $3.50 in Canada and
$7.00 overseas regardless of the size of the order).
For wholesale orders it is $10.00 now and it includes
either XpressPost or registered air mail with insurance.




It is difficult to give any specific advice to new dowsers
as it depends on many factors, e.g. belief system (including
religious background), state of health, previous experience
or lack of it, etc.

A few points that I'd like to make:

1. Don't take anything at the face value - experiment and
find out what's working for you. There are almost as many
dowsing techniques as there are dowsers.

2. Use your intuition. Once you learn to trust your inner
voice, everything else will start falling into place.

Very often I'm asked to recommend a specific book on the
basics of dowsing - again, very difficult task as each book
is written from the perspective of author's experience and
not necessarily the best for you.
Personally I like books that create an interest and force
me to investigate and search for answers. A good example
would be Supersensonics by Christopher Hills.

A good place to start is to find other people that share
this interest - in the US contact American Society of
Dowsers, in Canada - Canadian Society of Dowsers, Canadian
Society of Questers or Holistic Intuition Society, in
Britain - British Society of Dowsers and many more regional
dowsing organizations.

There are many dowsing resources on the Web: there is an
online dowsing manual at: http://lettertorobin.com, also
many resources are listed at our site:
http://www.diviningmind.com/dowsing-tips.html and the links page
at: http://www.diviningmind.com/links.html
My favourite search engine is http://google.com

The most important part, however, is one I can't stress
enough - practice, practice and again practice! Don't get
too attached to the outcome, it has to be fun!


Please send your questions, comments, suggestions, your
favorite dowsing stories...

That's all for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik
Divining Mind
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