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Dowsing Updates --->>February 8, 2007

Subliminal Recording Experiment - Results

OK, it's time to reveal the subject of the subliminal recording that some of you have tested.

But first some statistics: the recording has been downloaded 88 times! (some where downloaded more than once from the same address), number of feedback received - 17, that's 19.32%, a bit disappointing. A note to myself - the next time I have to organize it a bit better and maybe put some restrictions and detailed instructions and questionnaire.

The main theme of the recording was success in all its forms and shapes. I've started with basic success statements and then expanded (by adding separate tracks and channels) to not only passively accept the statements, but create an action, a follow-through, to bring any idea or attempt into fruition.

It's possible that I over-did it a bit as the recording was very dense after all the mixing and filtering - I won't go into the details as I still want to experiment some more.

Did I succeed in inducing the ideas and action as planned? Not in the way I've anticipated it, but let's look at the feedback you sent:

Number of negative reactions - 1 (caused anxiety)

Number of neutral reactions - 2 (didn't do anything)

Number of somewhat positive reactions - 14

Here are some comments in random order:

* I usually carry a lot of tension in my back/shoulders and neck area. Most of that goes away for hours and I move through the day with fluid movements and my daily activities are easily accomplished.

* Since listening to the recording I've been sleeping like a babe, this has meant that I'm not as tired and so am getting up earlier and I'm achieving more in the day. My energy levels are much improved, it feels really good. As for my worries, well the troubles are still there but I'm not worrying anymore, I have a new attitude that is: I'll deal with each problem the best I can, in my own time, and if I can't deal with it well that's just the way it is and there's no point in worrying myself.

* It's really good to feel free of the stress I've been under and now be able to cope. My partner has commented that I'm much more cheerful and happy.

* I have more intensive positive words in my head

* It generally was a "feel good" type of experience. As I mentioned before, it made me smile. My wife said she noticed I was easier to get along with me as I have a natural proclivity to being a crotchety curmudgeon.

* I feel like human interaction has to happen. I am retired due to a disability so I am not around a lot of people. I usually go out, have coffee, and bury myself in a novel every morning. Last week, maybe because I am in a good mood, I'd rather talk to people and they want to talk to me.

* the response time of my pendulum has been greatly improved

Thank you for participating in this experiment, it certainly helped me in evaluating my work and gave me insights on what I need to change to make it more "successful".

How it all happened? I'm a bit of self-help junkie - I have a sizable library of recordings on various subjects, including subliminal. Working with subliminal recordings I've noticed that there is a part that is missing, and for me it is a "call to action". I can be all hyped-up with ideas, but it's all for nothing if I don't act on them. This was an attempt to bring that into life - well, I still have a lot of work ahead :o)

The idea to get involved came when I bought a series of subliminal recordings - they were simple and clean - I liked them so much that I bough the rights from the author, but never done anything with them. Especially one of them was an inspiration for this experiment. I may offer them for sale if my experiments don't go well.

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I got a lot of questions regarding the High Energy Device. Instead of answering individually - I've updated the page. Check below:


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That's it for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik - Divining Mind



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