High Energy Pendulum / Pendant


If you are interested in the area of subtle energy and the way it can help you achieve higher states of mind, send healing vibration over a distance or charge water and other objects with highly beneficial vibration – you may want to take a closer look at High Energy Pendulum / Pendant.

 This device is a result of years of research in the field of subtle energy, energy transfer, charging objects with subtle energy, crystalline grid, etc. Although I’ve made other devices with similar properties before, they were fairly bulk and usually in a form of a wand and difficult to take it with you on your day-to-day activities.

 The frame is based on the Super Six pendulum and includes a stone in the middle – a semi-precious stone or crystal.

Different kinds of stone will give slightly different vibration quality, so if you want to choose one that is right for you – dowse the picture!

Fire Agate High Energy Pendulum

 The heart of the device is the charged stone. The brass frame gives it directional flow and shapes the beam coming from the tip of the pendulum.

 The charging process starts with removing all the vibrations acquired by the stone since it was mined and thus bringing it back to its natural state. The next step is to charge it with the energy and link it to the Crystalline Grid of Earth.


 CGE is a term I use to define the grid of energy that surrounds the Earth and has some very interesting qualities, the main one being able to convert noxious, toxic and inharmonious vibrations into beneficial and healing energy.

 It is a theory I can’t prove “scientifically”, it “just works”. I’ve incorporated it into my healing (specially remote) and even into my basic dowsing.

 Each stone is charged with this energy and linked to it as well as to each other, creating a very high vibration network.

I also check each group of stones if they require any extra vibration. It could be Schuman Resonance frequency, Axion Spin field or any other vibration that I determine using dowsing and intuition. The vibration is between 550 million - 900 million Bovis units!

    I received my Red Turquoise Hi-Energy Pendulum yesterday & wanted to tell you that I'm quite pleased & surprised at the amount of energy emanating from this pendulum! I was sceptical, at first, of the unheard of claim of 550 to 750 Million Bovis units, but this pendulum did not disappoint- it's truly producing so much energy, that I can literally see it! Very satisfied with this, beyond my greatest expectations- I would highly recommend this pendulum to anyone searching for a device of unsurpassed capabilities. Thanks & Blessings, John C. - 1 Division

 You can use this device in a passive way – just wear it! You will create a field of protection around your body that will get to work converting stagnant, dark, inharmonious energy into vibrant, healing energy.

Wearing it while driving will boost your bio-response – you will be more alert and less prone to drowsiness and fatigue.

 The High Energy Pendulum generates all Radiesthetic colors including gold, except the negative green.

Dear Chris,
I LOVE my new pendulum!!!!  The amethyst brass combination is very powerful and has really helped me with my healing work. It also arrived very quickly.  Thanks for all you do.
Tami Coyne


 To use it in an active mode – hold it like you hold a regular pendulum. You will find that it helps adjusting chakras and working with human or animal aura, send healing vibration with ease, connect with the higher realms almost instantly.

 You may find your answers more consistent, increase in your dowsing accuracy and ability to get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution easier and faster.

 You can charge other objects with this beneficial energy simply by holding it over the object and asking to charge it with the energy of Crystalline Grid of Earth and then linking to it. Usually the pendulum will start rotating clockwise. When it stops – the object is fully charged. You can charge your favorite jewelry, drinking water, food, dowsing tools, etc.

 The charge of the pendulum is very stable, but you should avoid dropping it on a hard surface (it may crack or brake the stone) or expose it to sudden temperature changes. Use soft cloth to clean it.

It doesn’t need neutralizing after use.

It is a personal device and adjusts to your individual vibrations, therefore for best results it shouldn’t be shared.

Connecting to the Crystalline Grid of Earth

Holding pendulum by the chain ask: "Please connect me with the energy of the Crystalline Grid of Earth". The pendulum usually will start rotating clockwise.


The Crystalline Grid of Earth has the ability to convert noxious energy into positive and harmonious. You can do a simple body detox by connecting to the CGE (see above) and asking: "Please remove excess toxins and heavy metals from my (or anyone else's) body in a SAFE manner and throw them to the Crystalline Grid of Earth" (I've stressed the safe way of removing toxins as sudden release of toxins can be quite dangerous).

The pendulum will usually start rotating counter-clockwise and once it stops - the session is done.

 The pendulum comes with a short chain, so it could be used immediately as a dowsing pendulum. To convert it to a pendant – replace the short chain with appropriate length of chain. Size 1.5" - 1 3/4", colors and shape / size of the stone may vary.

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