Isis Brass Pendulum - Perfect balance - quality, accuracy, sensitivity

"Explode Your Dowsing Potential with the most versatile pendulum for dowsing and healing"

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If you ever struggled with inconsistent dowsing results, searched for a suitable pendulum each time you changed your dowsing technique or had to hide your ugly looking thing on a string from your client -  than you, too, can greatly benefit from being a proud owner of this very special pendulum.

I'm Chris Gozdzik

I've been dowsing  for over 30 years and helping dowsers online since 1998. I've used large variety of pendulums, but this one is my definite favorite:

Introducing the Isis Brass Medium Pendulum from Jozef Baj's Line

  • Quality finish will add to your professional image

  • It's perfectly balanced - you get the most accurate and repeatable results

  • Added mental programming increases its already high sensitivity and creates perfectly symmetric aura - a great asset for balancing and chakra work. Some call it a "pendulum with a soul".

  • It generates white spectrum vibrations

- send vibrations of remedies at the cellular level  - suppose   someone has compromised digestive track and can't take remedies orally - you can deliver it as a vibratory representation of the remedy directly to the cells

- send healing from a distance
- doesn't need neutralization - it cleans itself
- doesn't use potentially dangerous negative green


The four parallel disks create an amplifier, making it very sensitive and selective.


Isis generates its own energy at a frequency equivalent to the color white - the synthesis of all colors - as opposed to negative green that can be potentially dangerous. This strong, constant radiation makes it perfect for use as a "carrying wave" which can be "modulated" and use in teleradiesthesia. (use of radiesthetic equipment from a distance)


"As soon as I took the pendulum out of the package I could feel the white spectrum energy (Or some energy at least). It is a wonderful pendulum, more responsive than any other pendulum I have tried and I get more accurate answers than ever before. I use a test were I get a friend to hide a little piece of paper under one of 6 things in a halfcircle, and with this new Isis Brass I get about 9 out of 10 right all the time (So cool) And it is also good looking.

Thank you for the great pendulum"

Best regards,

David Jørgensen, Denmark


Isis is a mental pendulum and can be used as a transmitter or receiver, according to the mental command of the operator.

 It can be used in checking food, herbs, in making health diagnoses and as a generator of carrying wave in work with maps and distance healing.

Because of its unique properties and safety it should be considered basic and necessary pendulum of every dowser.


This is a pendulum invented and constructed by one of the highly regarded experts of radiesthetic equipment, Jozef Baj of Warsaw, Poland.

Its shape symbolizes the Cross of Life as known to ancient Egyptians and named after Isis - feminine archetype for creation, the goddess of fertility and motherhood.


Isis Brass Medium is 2" (50mm) long and weighs .9 oz (26g) and is suspended on a double-woven thread to prevent twisting and kinking. High luster polish adds to its distinctive rich look.

This is possibly the most versatile dowsing pendulum you ever owned

Price of only $48.00
makes it the best value for your Dollar.

"I just got my new Isis pendulum and it is beautiful! It is quite a bit larger and heavier than my other pendulum, so will take a little getting used to - but I can tell already that it is very sensitive and responsive. Also, it will be better suited for outdoor work than my lighter one.

Thanks again for your help and I'm sure I will be wanting to order another pendulum soon, as you have such a fantastic selection!
(...) you are very knowledgeable and helpful in choosing the "right" pendulum for the circumstance. Your service is fast, as I got my order in about 3 days."

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Chris Gozdzik

P.S. Isis Brass Medium has been my daily dowsing companion for years now and I believe you will also find it will greatly improve your dowsing experience.

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