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Dowsing Updates --->>January 13, 2000
First of all - a warm welcome to all the new subscribers.

To all of you that wait for Super Isis and Y-rod - they should 
be here next Friday, January 20th - my apology for the delay.

There were questions from new dowsers on how to avoid being 
ridiculed by your peers, co-workers or even your family.
There is no simple answer to that. Some people's minds are 
so closed that they will not allow any new ideas to penetrate 
through, with some it can be jealousy (he/she has something 
over me!), but most of the time it is just lack of knowledge. 
From my experience - the best way to deal with it is on an 
individual basis. Teach one of them the basic dowsing responses 
and you may be able to convert them to believers. Confronting 
the group with some dowsing skill requires high degree of 
self-confidence as there is a lot of negative thought forms 
to deal with.
Just don't give up because of that as this is your own path 
you've chosen.

I have a big favour to ask of all of you who have purchased 
anything from us: we try to establish an atmosphere of confidence 
and trust for our customers to buy on-line and we would need 
your input - positive or critical. It will take just a few 
minutes to fill the questionnaire and will help us tremendously.
The form is at:
Thank you in advance!

It looks like the dowsing discussion forum at egroups finally 
got back on the quiet waters - if you are not a subscriber - 
you can try it, there are a lot of experienced dowsers there 
that may help you with your dowsing problems and topics 
encompass many different areas of interest.

That's about all for now. Please keep your questions / comments / requests coming!

Please remember to help at least one person every day - it will make 
them happy, it will make you happy - and it creates so much positive energy!

All the best!

Chris Gozdzik


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