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Dowsing Updates --->>January 22, 2003




There is not much feedback yet to share on the orgone devices we
sent for evaluation - the timing wasn't good (just before holidays)
and delivery on some was delayed.
We found better materials to use and now they don't outgas as
much as the first batch did, they also are a bit smaller and lighter.
We have several of them available at the introductory price of $26.00
for those of you that miss the first time. I put some info at:

We have further problems with Canada Post - they keep on
increasing prices and reducing options. We may be forced to
increase the shipping charges - something we really don't like doing.
We would rather set up several distributors in the USA - the
products would reach customers faster and there would be an
opportunity for a few enterprising individuals to market them on and
off the Internet. I haven't really thought it over yet as to the details,
but if you are interested - please let me know. I will be able to help
you with the setup.
We also have an opportunity for a distributorship in India - it looks
like our L-rods are a big hit there.


I get many e-mails and letters regarding using dowsing for profit. They
range from dowsing winning lottery numbers, stock market dowsing to
getting a job or a contract. I think we all have a right to be prosperous as
long as we do it in a conscious manner without hurting others or the
environment and use the wealth for overall growth, not just selfish

When it comes to using dowsing for getting the winning lottery numbers -
well, I haven't met or heard of anybody who was successful at that. (if
they are any - they keep it to themselves :o)

The way I see it - there are so many people involved in the process that
it's virtually impossible to get an agreement on a higher level - all of them
(or rather their Higher Selves) would have to agree to loose in order for you to win - probability of that is rather slim, regardless if you want to win just "to get rich" or have a noble idea of creating or supporting some charitable cause.

Dowsing Stock Market - I don't have much personal experience with that,
but from what I've seen and tried with others - it's much easier to dowse a
long term trend then it is to dowse tomorrow's stock.

The best place to apply dowsing for prosperity is on personal level. First -
in finding all the blocks - both: conscious and subconscious, that you or
the society you grow up in places on you, the next step is to remove
those blocks and allow yourself to be prosperous. There are many
techniques that you can apply here - using dowsing charts, some of
Raymon Grace's techniques as well as the Silva Method.

Please send your questions, comments, suggestions, your favorite
dowsing and healing stories...

That's all for now, live healthy and prosper!

Chris Gozdzik  

Divining Mind   http://www.diviningmind.com

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