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Dowsing Updates --->>Jan.29, 2001



Thank you for all the responses to the "to charge or not to
charge" topic, here are some highlights of what you wrote, edited
for length:

1. Every person who provides any product or service to the
society receives its exchange value in cash or kind or kindness
i.e. name, recognition, gratitude, etc. 
2. If exchange value is received in cash - no further exchange
value in any other mode is received.
3. Action - Re-Action or the Karmic Law results in our
re-birth to square out past transactions. If we didn't pay or
receive the exchange value in one life time then we come again to
give or receive the same. 
4. One cannot therefore attain freedom from birth and death
(pleasure and pain) cycles unless we continuously square off our
5. The other method of not encumbering us with Karmic Law is by
helping others with awareness that it is the God helping through
me and I am not really the doer.
6. Mere intellectual acceptance is not enough but this must be
our real understanding which comes only after years of
7. In all other cases charging is a better option.
8. How much to charge can be discovered through Pendulum
as an over or under charge will entail corresponding debit or
credit i.e. continuing to remain in the transmigration cycles.

With hearty Radhasoami, warm regards, and wishing you all the
very best of everything in life. 
Kirti Betai 
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I believe that there should be energy exchange when we do any
form of healing or services. it may not be in monetary form
(depending on the situation). In my culture, we do not ask our
parents or immediate family members for fees when they request
healing. They pay in different form such as love, cooking a meal,
chores, etc. However, the same cannot be applied to those who
could afford it. Some one got to pay for the electricity bills -
the lightings, air-con, water, etc. when the therapy is in
progress. Another important factor is, some people feel so
obligated to you when you turn down their fees/donations that
they are embarrassed to come back for follow-up treatment. Some
will think anything free do not work as well. I am not suggesting
an exorbitant fee, reasonable fees for all, irrespective of their
financial standing and free for the ultimate poor. This policy
has worked very well for us. <...> 
Wei-Keong Ng

This gets to be a hot topic in all fields of metaphysics! I have
run into this issue repeatedly over the years. Here's the "bottom
line" I have come to: Each of us must choose according to our
own codes, callings and intentions. There is nothing wrong with
making a living from your healing practice. There is also nothing
wrong with doing it for donations or for free. The people will
come to you who need whatever it is that you have to offer, and
to pay or not to pay is a part of that choice. Before we
developed a monetary system, all exchanges were barter, and that
is all that money is. It is just another way of exchanging
energy. INTENT is everything! If you do your work with clear and
loving intent, it doesn't matter whether it is a hobby or a
livelihood. As no one has the right to judge anothers path,
whether someone else charges or not is a non-issue. Love & Light
to all! 


Many of us dowsers and seekers think how great it would be to be
able to help others to heal physically, mentally, spiritually.
It is a natural thought if we feel empathy towards others.

Recently this idea took a strange twist for me: a dowser friend
went through a battle with cancer - surgery followed by chemo -
he was cancer free! I dowsed and confirmed - no active cancer
A few weeks ago he asked me to check again as his blood
analysis showed some changes. I did - still no cancer! He went
through more tests and results came last week - active cancer on
his stomach, growing rapidly! Guess how I feel?! Evidently my
diagnosis was wrong. I never tried to stop him from taking other
tests (he probably wouldn't listen, anyway), but I still feel

Last Saturday a friend called me to send some healing to his
mother - she's been sick for a long time and started feeling
worse suddenly. I tried to tune in to direct some healing energy
to her and got a strong response to leave it alone. I just sent
some light and felt at peace. Sunday morning my friend called
that his mom passed away quietly and peacefully while asleep.

Lots of questions come to mind: if we become emotionally
involved - does it influence our dowsing/healing? Can we /
should we detach ourselves from the person we try to help? Do we
take responsibility for our actions and if so - how far? Is our
ego trying to take over? How to prevent it? How to find the
limits of our confidence? I don't have the answers and
would like to hear your opinion on that.

That's all for this time. As usually - please keep in touch!

>> May your pendulum always swing the right way <<

Chris Gozdzik Divining Mind 

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