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Dowsing Updates --->>January 30, 2007


Dowsing and sickness

My son (as usual) brought a "bug" from school - not a regular flue, but a really nasty creature. I through everything I could think of at it - it wouldn't badge... We all got sick within 3-5 days and it was all 9 yards - starts with a diarrhea and nausea, followed by very high fever that is very difficult to knock down, then the usual - runny nose, cough, chills, shivers, etc.

I went through something similar about 3 years ago when my fever was over 40 degrees C and I really had to hold on to a single thought and fight not to loose my consciousness. I was then too weak to call for help.
Since I couldn't do much to prevent or stop it now - I thought at least I should protect us from the danger of that high fever. My wife never runs high fever - I don't know why - so basically it was my son Adam and I that needed protection. I programmed my son to call whenever his fever would go over 38.5 degrees, but I really didn't have to as it was almost like a clockwork - we had to check on him almost every 3 hours. My fever started a few days later and I was ready. I set the same program for myself to wake up at night and get alarmed during the day if my fever was too high. It worked like a charm!

The first reports on the subliminal recording experiment started coming in - it's still too early to draw any conclusions - I need to get more data before I can give up more details. I know some of you are very anxious to know what was the subject of this experiment - well - all I can say is that it wasn't just mask without any subliminal message - that would be too cruel :o)

I will send an update when I get enough data, I promise.

If you bought the Multimedia Dowsing Course by Nigel and Maggie Percy (link to the left) - you may want to know that they came up with a new product in the series - it's called SPACE CLEARING EBOOK (or how to be a ghostbuster!) I've only had a chance to glance through the pages and I can tell you that it is full of info on energy lines, geopathic zones, sick building syndrome, how to detect noxious energy lines, how to protect yourself, different clearing methods, emf, ghosts - the list is very extensive and the information you get is very thorough and well organized. Another great product!

I will let you know when it's ready to go.

Do you remember the Quantum Mind Power? Now there is a similar line of products introduced by Stephen Pierce - it's a whole nine yards of recordings - from mind optimization, memory improvement, relaxation, stress reduction... the list goes on and on.

I admit I haven't had time to check it out yet, but I'm becoming (already am!)  a self-help recordings addict  :o)

Mind Optimization

I have some stock of Mumijo left with the expiration date in Feb. 2007. It is perfectly fine as the shelf life for properly stored Mumijo can be over 10-15 years, but of course I can't sell it at regular price of $33.60, so I'm offering it at $24.00 per bottle till supplies last.


That's it for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik - Divining Mind





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