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Dowsing Updates --->>January 31, 2000
We will start off with the results of the Dowsing Challenge:

Unfortunately nobody dowsed the two letters correctly - they were "AK".
What does it mean? Was the test set up improperly or the principal idea?
was incorrect - I don't know!

I based my test on presumption that crystallized ink would "absorb" the 
information from the writing beneath it the same way the photograph
carries the information about the person - no matter how many times
it's been reproduced.
Well, it didn't work. Furthermore - I dowsed "the original" before 
it was scanned and uploaded to the website and I couldn't get it
correctly, either. Maybe it was the transfer process that wasn't done 
properly. I will continue testing it just to make sure I didn't
make any major mistakes.
Anyway - no winners, but I (arbitrarily) decided, that I will give
the Spiral Pendulum to one person drawn from all the entrants as 
a "thank you" for your participation.
All the names were written on pieces of paper and
put into my favourite Jamaican straw hat and our son Adam pulled one.

***** envelope please!**********

And the winner is.......Mark Adlington, I believe in the UK.
Congratulations, Mark (please e-mail me your mailing address).

I started a Dowsing Ring (it's at the bottom of the main page) - all
the "big names" (ASD, BSD, CSQ, CSD, etc.) got invited to join - I'm 
still waiting for response. So far there are two sites almost ready to go.
If you have a website about dowsing and would like to participate -
please go to: http://www.diviningmind.com
scroll to the bottom and click on "join" button.

From another front - the creator of pendulums from our "Cadillac" Line,
Jozef Baj, at 85 is still going strong - he came up with four new 
pendulums - "Lymphatic Massager", Karnak Macro, Karnak Super-Macro
and "White Energy Karnak". So far I got and tested the "Lymphatic 
Massager" and I'm impressed!
I may offer them for "special order" later on.

Winter is in a full swing here and most dowsing activities are
indoors, but I managed to locate a septic field in an old house - it
was fun (and a challenge) in about 3 feet of snow! Try to keep your
rods level!

Anyway, that's about it for now. Please keep your questions coming
and keep on dowsing!

Take care!

P.S. We are looking for an off-line distributor(s) - ideally somebody who
travels to different dowsing conventions and workshops. Please e-mail
me if you are interested.

P.P.S. We are in the process of changing server. If you have problems
accessing our website in the next few days - try:
till the dns pointers are updated.

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