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Dowsing Updates --->>January 7, 2004


Dowsing frozen water pipes and hundred monkeys syndrome.
Dowsing frozen water pipes
Well, winter is here full strength - we got to minus 30 degrees Celsius and our main
water pipe froze, even although it's all in a weather-proof lean-to shed.
Normally it's a big problem finding the exact spot where the ice formed. This time,
though, I used my pendulum! It took no more then 5 minutes to locate the spot and
another 15 minutes with a blow torch - the water was running again.
There were again some attacks on dowsing and dowsers, this time from James
Randi's fan club. I'm not too concerned about it, specially that it will add to link
popularity of our website :o)
It looks like the line dividing "believers" and sceptics is more defined lately. Do you
feel anything in the air?
I've mentioned synchronicity several times - it looks like it's here to stay :o)
From exchanges with several of my dowsing friends I found out that our sudden
peaks of interest in different subjects, namely orgone and orgonite devices, energy
transfer and free energy devices came about the same time!
With orgone devices - several people from different parts of the world at once came
up with very similar ideas! Somebody theorized that there is a thought energy pool
and all the thoughts multiply this energy exponentially. There might be something
in it.
There are two new dowsing devices available - aura-rod and multi-rod - please
check the bottom of:


I haven't had a chance to "play" with them too much, but I believe they may add
another dimension to rod dowsing. And boy, they are sensitive!
That's all for now, keep on dowsing!
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