Dowsing Updates  July 16, 2001


Have you ever noticed, when anticipating an answer to your question you KNOW the answer just before your dowsing tool moves?

Have you noticed a subtle change in your body when crossing an underground water vein or fault line or moving through a geopathic zone? It can be very gentle feeling of pressure, tingling, pain, etc. In the receiving mode your dowsing tool is just an indicator of the changes in your body.

Dan Wilson has been experimenting with the tool-less (deviceless) dowsing for quite some time and offered his experience in a series of articles to the Digital Dowsers group. I put them on the webpage at:

Dowsing Filters - update

There have been some interesting twists to my experiments with setting up dowsing filters - most of my experiments showed below average accuracy, which is significant on its own. All in all - it's been an interesting exercise and raised many questions on how the subconscious and dowsing works. It looks like there is still something missing from the equation. I will come back to it later on, maybe the missing piece of the puzzle will come to me in the mean time.

Al wrote:

"Not dowsing filters, But mind implants of common sense programming in the mind."

Kirti, as usually, expanded on the subject and brought up some interesting points:

"Dowsing is all about discovering information that is existing in the Energy Force Field of the subject of enquiry but which cannot be accessed through our five faculties of knowledge / perception i.e. sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. We all possess experience based knowledge acquired through our five faculties. Experience may be of our own or of others around us.

Assumptions, conclusions, information, etc. acquired through our five faculties may be and often is erroneous due to the reason that much of it is perceived through inter-actions with others and during these inter-actions we perceive what the others would like us to perceive or what we would like to perceive.

Parental Messages are acquired right from birth and throughout our life and their two primary sources are:- self experience, and other's experience. Other's experience may be through our parents, spouses, siblings, friends, teachers, neighbors, media, etc. That much our perceptions are erroneous is clear from the fact that fraud and cheating are so rampant all around the world in our daily life.

If our perceptions were always correct then fraud or cheating cannot happen. These perceptions e.g. Assumptions, conclusions, information, etc. are stored in our Memory System as bias or prejudice. All our biases and prejudices can be clubbed together as 'Parental Messages'. Some of these Parental Messages may be erroneous or invalid.

Parental Messages must be reviewed from time to time so that we don't make errors of judgment in our life and work. This is important for all whether one is Dowsing or not. Through Dowsing it's easy to find out the number of such Invalid

Parental Messages stored in our Memory System by asking information as follows:
The Dowsing Command Sequence:-

1. My Memory System
1. Invalid Parental Messages?
2. Number?
3.Permanently Erase all Invalid Parental Messages throughout my Life
Form to maximize happiness and minimize pain.

I think it's better to erase Invalid Parental Messages instead of bypassing them for the Purpose of Dowsing as they often cause maximum disturbance and pain in our life.

I would like to share another experience:- it's better to keep the purpose of our activity very clearly spelt out in our mind e.g. to maximize happiness and minimize pain. All human endeavors, including Dowsing, are usually targeted or should be targeted, to maximize happiness and minimize pain. When the purpose of our activity is clear before us, the results are usually better."

Kirti Betai

Thank you everybody for your input!


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