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Dowsing Updates --->>June 19, 2003


Things were a bit crazy here and I missed the May update.

Finally we got out of a backlog and both orgone energy devices are in stock.
One note - acting on a hunch, I strapped the Orgo-Disk to the air intake manifold to the fuel injection unit on my car (I have no idea how you call it properly) and I've noticed, that my fuel consumption went down from almost 12 liters per 100 kilometers to under 10 liters - not a huge difference, but consistent on 6 fill-ups. I know it's not a science, but interesting anyhow.


We still have a few of the old style devices in stock at $26.00 if you are interested.

Is it dowsing? You bet!

I mentioned before the spam problem we've experienced. Well, I was leaving for 2 days and I didn't like to think about the perspective of cleaning up about 200-300 spam messages on arrival. I thought I could adapt Raymon Grace's technique to do that, so the night before leaving I spent 10 minutes removing
energy of spam from my server, scrambling its frequency, etc.
I was quite surprised when I found only 85 spams on arrival! Yes, it does work! If I could only remember to do it every night...

Anyway - I had to leave again for 2 days and this time I tried another technique - I typed a message with my intent (not to receive any spam) in a word processor, taped a blank piece of paper to my computer screen and left it for about 10 minutes to charge.
On arrival - only 61 spams! Hey, it's great! But there was a cold shower after that - the next morning I got 740 spams! Something went very wrong...

Without over-analyzing I decided to use a different approach - I wrote my intent on a piece of paper and wrapped it around one Moqui Marble (they take charge so nicely) and put it on the top of one of my orgone devices to give it a fairly constant extra charge. Yesterday morning - only 26 spams! I hope it stays like that!

Anyway - my point is that you can find many creative uses for dowsing in everyday life, just use your imagination!


Please send your questions, comments, suggestions, your favorite dowsing and healing stories...

That's all for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik  

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