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Dowsing Updates --->>June 23, 2005

Back on the (dowsing) track...

Back on the (dowsing) track...

It's been a long while since I wrote any updates. Many times I've
had it all "written" in my head, but failed to type it in, too
many distractions and that procrastination of mine...
Well, no excuses, time to roll up my (short) sleeves!

It took a while to recover after the credit card fraud we fell victims to -
ultimately the merchant is the "guilty" party (read: has to pay all the fees,
not including the fraudulent transaction).

Things are getting better, but a few things fell behind: one - the phylak spagyric.
I found and contacted the original maker, now it's just a matter of ordering it.
I have to buy it in bulk, but would like to know how many of you would like
to buy it. I have 1/2 oz and 1 oz bottles ready, I'm not sure about the shipping
costs and Customs duties, but I'm guessing the price would be in the area
of $8.00 for 1/2 oz and $16.00 for 1 oz. (I'll be filling them to the top to
prevent oxidization).

Two - the "ultimate dowsing rod" barely passed the design stages. I should have
a couple of working copies of the basic design ready for testing in 2-3 weeks, but
that's just the beginning.
For those "in the dark" - it's an L-rod with 2 ball bearings and special inserts
in the brass handle that I'd like to couple with tuned arms for specific targets,
e.g. gold. Any other targets that you would like to see?
Mind you, it's still in the project stage...

Some of you know that I've been "playing" with energy transfer between crystals
and can remotely charge a crystal of your choice. The energy I'm sending is
a result of experiments we conducted a few years ago with a friend and started
with axion spin generator. It's been much refined and I believe we've tapped
into natural energy source - I call it "crystalline grid of Earth".
I'd love to hear your opinion on its qualities, specially from those of you that
can see or feel the energy. If you'd like to have a crystal charged remotely - just
designate and mark one from your collection (don't tell me you don't have
any crystals! :o) and send me a note. You may want to do "before and after" check.
Any size / quality quartz crystal will do, actually even a field rock...

I've had my arm twisted to bring back the specials, so here we go:

Karnak Brass Large (The Other Line) regular $25.40, special $22.00
UFO Large (The Other Line) regular $22.10, special $18.70

This offer will be available only to the subscribers to Dowsing Updates, so please
don't share this URL:

(no longer active)


That's it for now, keep on dowsing!

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