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Dowsing Updates --->>June 5, 2000

Last year my neighbour did some extensive excavating and 
we wound up with all kinds of "negative" (to humans) energy lines 
all over our house, with a strong one, about 6' wide going right 
through our bedroom. It resulted in restlessness, lack of sleep 
and negativity for no apparent reason. (The house has been checked 
before and was clean). 

I put some neutralizers around our bed and it helped a bit, 
but not enough. I decided to use a metal rod to divert them around 
the house. I drove the rod into the ground and tapped it towards 
the direction I wanted the line to move - it worked! I re-checked 
the house again and found, that the line made a parabola and came 
back! My approach was wrong! 

I decided to try to move them OVER the house. I chose a small 
line close to the outside wall of the house, drove the rod into the 
ground and tapped it towards desired direction, then I used an intent 
to move it over the house. No cigar. 

I repeated the first part and took a rock and tapped its 
underside as a physical stimulus - yes Sir! It did move over! So 
I went to do the same for the big one. Repeated everything - the 
line didn't badge! Hmmm... I realized I didn't include my neighbour 
in my intent - the line would enter his house! I added that and it 
worked! We have slept much better! 

It had lasted for almost a year till a few days ago when we've 
noticed increased irritability for no reason and problems with sleep.
I checked with my trusted L-rods - sure enough, the lines were back. 
I also noticed a bunch of ants getting ready to "move in" under an 
old window sill. (We have had a problem with ants as they were "nesting" 
close to the house wall. The next day (after moving the negative energy 
lines) we were sitting outside and noticed a line of ants "moving their 
bags"- it looks like they didn't like it anymore!)

I tried last year's approach to no avail - the lines wouldn't 
move. I like using the KISS method (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart), so 
I thought that maybe I would try changing the property of the lines 
and "convert" them into positive to humans. I used my pendulum over 
the center of the line and force the clockwise movement (positive or 
"yes" for me) and used mental intent of converting the "negativity" 
into positive - it worked, but lasted only about an hour; so I used 
a polarized field rock to deflect the energy and it holds fine, on 
the next one (where the ants were gathering) I used genesa crystal 
and that gave a beautiful positive energy. We will see 
if the ants like it, too!

Another approach would be to make myself "immune" or "in tune" 
with this energy, so it wouldn't affect me in a negative way, but that 
would also have to include my family, and that could be more difficult 
to accomplish.

After writing it all I just got a flash - just a couple of days 
ago I moved some large rocks from the property line to make room for a 
new garden. Was that a reason for the shift? I will check it! Rocks and 
their role as energy guides or deflectors are very fascinating.


This "update" got a bit long, so as usual I'd like to ask you for your 
questions, comments, stories, or just say "hi".


Hopefully our server troubles are behind, although there will be an 
upgrade in force in the next few days, but I was assured it will go 


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That's all for now, keep on dowsing and watch those ants and ticks - 
they like the "negative" energy lines!

Take care!

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