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Dowsing Updates --->>March 13, 2003


Thank you for all your letters with your concern and possible causes and
solutions to my dowsing lapse. Sorry I couldn't answer individually, but I
appreciate it very much.

Well, my dowsing is back to normal. I tried to analyze it and there are two
possible causes:

1. I've listened to some CD's that alter brain waves
2. I've experimented with scalar wave devices

It looks like my basic dowsing programming got erased and I had to re-
program it. I'm talking about dowsing programs that I "hard-wired" into my
subconscious mind, e.g. "Never cause any harm, intentional or not, while
dowsing", (This includes deviceless dowsing) or how I'd like my dowsing
tools to react - it's different for direct dowsing and different for dowsing
charts; "always connecting to the highest source of information available
to me at my level of perception", and so on.

It's been an interesting experience.

We've been having a hard time with spam lately - receiving 100-150 of
garbage messages is not fun and takes a lot of time to clean.
We've experimented with some filters on our server - at one point it was
set up too aggressive and we may have lost some of legitimate e-mails. If
you got an e-mail from us asking you to re-send it - I apologize for it.


You've probably noticed the change in our pendulum line names. Well, we
got a letter from a representative of one of the car manufacturing
companies asking us to remove their name from our website.
I thought we would get a "thank you" for a free advertising for them :o)
Anyway - we complied and now we have one little problem - we need a
name for our "other line". Any ideas?


I try to devote a bit more time to do what I like the most - experimenting
with new devices! I have two such creatures on the go now - one is what I
call "Purple Laser" pendulum, the other is a personal protection device
based on orgone technology. Of course you would be the first to know
when it's ready.

Please send your questions, comments, suggestions, your favorite
dowsing and healing stories...

That's all for now, keep on dowsing, regardless...!

Chris Gozdzik  

Divining Mind http://www.diviningmind.com

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