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Dowsing Updates --->>May 03, 2000
Recently I've had some personal issues I wanted to dowse and the question 
of dowsing accuracy came up. How to deal with your emotions or expected 
result, how to assess your dowsing performance at the moment? 
Some suggest asking several questions that you know the answer 
to and check the results - well, this isn't very reliable for me.

What I do (when I remember!) is: I use a dowsing chart from "0" to "100%" 
and ask for my dowsing performance at the moment. When it's below 70% 
- I try not to dowse any important issues.

Another way, especially when emotions play a big role, is to use surrogate dowser: 
you mentally ask a question and ask another dowser to use his/hers pendulum 
to give you the answer.

Many things can interfere with our dowsing performance, but I found out that 
many of them we create ourselves through creating a believe system. An example: 
I've read somewhere about the remanence effect (an object will leave a trail 
that can influence dowsing of another object placed in the same spot). I was 
testing some soil samples and I was getting very confusing results. Checking 
for the residual radiation I got a big "yes" - it was interfering with my work! 
I tried wiping the table with a sweeping motion as mentioned in another book, 
I used sage smudge - it helped a bit, but the error threshold was still high.
Then I asked for something simple - no interference from any source - guess what? 
My accuracy was way up!

The moral - when you get frustrated with your results - look for a simple, 
straightforward solution. Any comments?


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Keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik

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