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Dowsing Updates --->>Nov. 16, 2000



As direct, "on the spot" dowsing can be explained through
detecting changes in the electromagnetic field around water
veins, faults or mineral deposits - it doesn't seem to explain
the art of map dowsing - finding water, minerals, or even missing
people or lost animals from a distance using a map. My take on it
is that a map is used as a witness as it represents the actual
environment with all the elements present.

We can start by asking if the map contains the object of our
search and get answer using pendulum or an L-rod. 
There are several different methods of map dowsing and different
tools used. One is done by triangulation - starting from one
reference point, say - bottom left corner - using pendulum or an
L-rod we ask for direction of our object of search and mark it as
a line on the map. Then we do it from another reference point -
say, bottom right corner and repeat the same. The object of our
search is where the two lines cross. (I like to use at least 3
points to make sure the lines cross in one point).

Another method is to "scan" the bottom edge of the map and mark
the spot where you get a "reading" and draw a vertical line, then
"scan" one of the sides in the same way and draw a horizontal
line in the spot you get a reading. Crossing of the two lines
marks the spot you are searching for.

We can also divide the map into equal squares and dowse each
square. We further divide the square(s) that gave us positive
reading. Using this method we can pin point the location of our
object fairly close.

I'm sure there are many other methods, some of dowsers combine
several of them. If you know of other methods that you would like 
to share - please do so!

P.S. I've never used GPS, but I don't see why one couldn't dowse
for GPS coordinates and easily find the location in terrain. Any
thoughts on that?

Another month and another server problem - this time it was
really bad - we have been down for 11 days.
We've made the necessary changes and hope everything will be fine now.

Prompted by requests - we have added an archive of the past
updates and they are available through the link from the main
page at: http://www.diviningmind.com


U-rod is a dowsing tool consisting of a wooden handle and metal
u-shaped loop attached to it that is used in a similar fashion to
L-rods. It requires only one hand to operate and makes it easier
to work in confined areas and in difficult terrain when you may
need a free hand. It's very sensitive and responsive.

Regular price - $13.60

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Till the next time, please keep your questions, comments
and info coming.

>> May your pendulum always swing the right way <<

Chris Gozdzik
Divining Mind


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