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Dowsing Updates --->>Nov. 9, 2005

Dowsing under pressure

It's been a while...
It looks like some of the updates mysteriously disappeared from the server and
many people didn't receive any in a long time. I know there is an issue with the
AOL accounts as well as subscription handling by the script. The first one - I have
no control over - it seems like the internal filters on AOL treat all e-mails as spam
unless proven otherwise, and they don't tell me how to handle that.
The other - subscription script - I've talked with the script author and he is working
on the changes, in the mean time we have to deal with the long url's...

Regarding the tuned rod prototype that you were asking - well, the first
stage is ready - it has 2 ball bearings and an insert of orgonite and phylak spagyric
inside the handle and that works fine. I'm having a bit of a problem finding parts
for the tuned arm. At first I wanted to use a loop with a variable capacitor for the
fine tuning, but that was difficult from the construction point of view; I may try
an inline tunable coil... Anyway, there is still quite a bit of work and testing left.

If you visited our website recently you probably noticed the ads spread around
the pages - it's an attempt to create some extra revenue to cover growing
maintenance costs. I try to find relevant products that I either know or that
have been recommended to me by people I trust. I hope they are not too much
"in your face" and would like to hear your opinion on that.

Along the same line - please check below for some great resources I've found.

If you are like me - you may have to juggle between a job, business, family
and the need for spiritual growth and that can create a lot of stress when
things don't go as smoothly as anticipated. Dowsing under stress can lead
to inacurrate results and more frustration. There are many techniques to break
free from the stress - I've used the Silva Method and a few other relaxation
techniques, but when you are under heavy stress it seems to be overwhelming
at times and it's hard to clear my mind from the multitude of thoughts relating
to the current problems.
I found a book by John Harricharan - The PowerPause - that gives a perfect
solution for situations like that. I started using it and it does work!
If you use the link below you will also get some incredible bonuses.


John has another powerful product coming very soon and I will let you know when it's ready.

I also found some great resources for dowsing related products - books, CD's
and software. I wish I knew about it a few years ago!
I've gathered some links to them at:

It's also available from the "books" section.


That's it for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik - Divining Mind                                                                        http://www.diviningmind.com

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