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Dowsing Updates --->>October 22, 2002



      It's been an interesting time for sure! I didn't have much chance to dowse on vacation :o( , but it looks like I got a sort of compensation: there is a property next door with an old house on it and owners absent most of the time. They live out of town and stay in another house on the same property when they come here.

      Being a dowser - I thoroughly checked my house for any harmful energy lines and dealt with those I found - there was only one caused by moved corner stone - the old timers knew how to build -the house was built in 1897.

      A few years ago my neighbours started some extensive excavating and the proverbial hell broke loose - we were bombarded by negative emotions, our mood was changing often and it just didn't feel right at all.
Out came my L-rods and sure enough - I found two very strong harmful energy lines.
      I tried several methods and finally I succeeded using a combination of large genesa crystal and some sacred geometry symbols. It was stable for over two years and just recently things started going "bananas" again!

      My arsenal of gadgets grew considerably since the last time, so I started the process - I went through quite a list - including caduceus coils, more sacred geometry and orgone devices. Some of them would work, but after a while the lines would revert to the original "unfriendly" energy.
It was a puzzle, so I mentioned it to my dowsing friends. I got a list of things to check, including something I've never done - communicating with the Divas of this place. At the same time I was reminded about Raymon Grace's approach (thank you Marilyn!). Well, it took a combination of Raymon's technique and a couple of orgone devices to get it right!

What a learning experience!


      I have some exciting news for you.
First of all - Raymon's books are on their way and should be available in a few days. There will be a limited number to start with and, as usual, you are the first to know. Please check:

      Second - we found a source for pyramids made out of colored glass with an opening - perfect combination of pyramid energy and chromotherapy. They should be available in a week or two. (thank you John!)

      Third - we got in touch with a person who makes radionics devices. Those are not the regular Heronymus or de la Warre type devices, but are based more on Shamanistic and intuitive approach. They also should be available in about a week or two.

      Fourth - we may be getting some orgone devices! I've played with some of them and it's very exciting!
There are really big possibilities in use for dowsing - converting harmful energy, healing, etc. There is still some research left to be done. Of course you will be the first to know when they become available.


      Please send your questions, comments, suggestions, your
favorite dowsing and healing stories...

Chris Gozdzik
Divining Mind
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