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Dowsing Updates --->>October 6, 2004

Dowsing For Balance and phylak spagyric

There were some problems with the script that runs this Dowsing Updates list -
confirmation link for subscription wouldn't work and there were other problems
as well. I've upgraded the script and this is a part of the test.

Yes, it's been a while since I wrote anything here. Things were getting piled up,
my priorities were changing. Everything got out of balance. It got to the point
that my emotions were interfering with my work. I finally had to put a stop to it.
That's were dowsing came in. I started slowly "dissecting" every area of my life
trying to find the cause of all of it, but couldn't get to the bottom.
I realized I need to balance each area, get better perspective and start making
changes. I had to get back to the basics - balancing my yin-yang, pH level, etc.,
pay more attention to the food I eat, spend 15-30 minutes every day to relax
or meditate. I'm still not there, but just realizing it created a positive
There are many changes in the total consciousness of the people on our planet
and we may be experiencing side effects of it. It is a positive process and we
do learn from it.

On another dowsing note - I got a vial of phylak spagyric solution from a customer
(if you read this - please contact me as I lost your address) to evaluate it as a
dowsing enhancement. It is supposed to quiet down our left brain and minimize its
influence on our dowsing activities. Testing that part is not easy, but I have to
say that it definitely increases dowsing reaction! You use it by holding the vial
in your hand for 15 seconds before dowsing.
I'm looking for a wholesale source to make it available for others to try.

That's it for this test update. Please let me know of any problems with its delivery
and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or if you just want to say "hi".

Chris Gozdzik - Divining Mind                                                                        http://www.diviningmind.com

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