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Pendulum Dowsing, Dowsing Charts, Neutral Pendulum, Dowsing Tools

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Pendulum dowsing - dowser's definition

Pendulum dowsing is an ancient art of accessing information not available to us through the use of our senses.

     Basic dowsing pendulum consists of a weight suspended on a flexible string, chain, etc. Any such combination will give radiesthetic (dowsing) reaction in the hand of a "sensitive" person. (In my opinion, only a very small percentage of people don't get any reaction, even after basic training.)            

    Why there are so many different pendulums? I think it's a matter of a personal preference, one dowsing pendulum is more suitable for one task, another one is  more sensitive then others, some have special qualities that make dowsing tasks easier.

    Generally I divide dowsing pendulums into 2 major groups - simple pendulums and pendulums with their own radiation (shape or form radiation). Majority of pendulums fell into the first group - conical, ball-shape, teardrop, spiral, made out of brass, copper, crystal, wood, ceramics, etc. The second group requires more attention to detail, as variations in their shape may affect the strength and vibration rate. Osiris, Isis, Karnak, Universal Pendulum belong to this group.    

One could classify pendulums according to their intended use, e.g. pendulums used for healing specific illnesses, pendulums for adjusting chakras, teleradiesthesia (distance healing, map dowsing), etc. All in all - it's like driving chevette or cadillac - both will take you from point A to point B, the difference is in the comfort of the ride.

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Programming Pendulum's Response

We can approach this in two ways: one - just ask to be shown a pendulum response for "yes" and "no". This is preferred method as each of us is different.

Just ask: "what is my pendulum movement for "yes" answer" and the pendulum will start moving certain way. It could be clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, back and forth or sideways. Do the same for a "no" answer. Try to remember it and stick to it.

The other method is to "force" certain movement - e.g. back and forth for "yes" and sideways movement for a "no" answer.

Asking Dowsing Questions

Your question needs to be in a form that your subconscious mind will understand and interpret correctly.

The subconscious mind is like a child and you need to be fairly precise in formulating your questions so there is no double meaning or room for wrong interpretation.

For example you don't ask: "Is this vitamin good?" as it's much too general. You can ask: "Will this vitamin benefit my body now?". The "now" is a very important part as your body's need do change.

You can test many different vitamins and supplements that way to find out which are the most appropriate for you at the time of asking.

Pendulum dowsing is a wonderful technique to master.


"40 Ingenious Ways Of Using Dowsing to Make Your Life Easier"

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  Using Dowsing Charts

Say you found out you need a particular supplement, now you need to know how much you need at a time and how often, also how long should you take it.
The best way of checking that is by using a dowsing chart. Dowsing chart could be a half circle or even a line with numbers or different "scenarios".

The most common chart is a percentage chart, from zero to a 100.
To use a dowsing chart like the one above - simply ask a question and place the pendulum over the center of the chart. It will start swinging around the half-circle till it stops pointing to a number. That number is the answer to your question.

When dowsing events that will take place in the future - it is the best to use probability rather than a particular outcome as there are many variables that may change it.

When using pendulum dowsing it's critical to remain neutral to the outcome.