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Dowsing Updates --->>Sep. 14, 2000

It's been a rough ride with the server down and e-mail mix up, but hopefully it's over.

Following many requests for information and resources for beginners - I started on this project, but it's far from finished product. As a matter of fact - I'd like it to grow constantly as the new info/resources become available. I'd appreciate your input here.

For the time being it's been set up on another server:


(I have to admit it - I liked the sound of this URL!)


We got a shipment of Mer-Isis Large pendulums, unfortunately some of them got slightly damaged. It's nothing serious - just a few nicks on the edge of the "dish" that will not degrade its performance, but I just can't sell them at regular price. I figured I could offer them to you at discounted price instead of sending them back, so here it goes:

Mer-Isis Large

regular price $59.80
discounted price $45.00

It is a great pendulum that slowly becomes my number one pendulum used for healing. For example - I lowered my mother-in-law's blood pressure from almost 200 to 130 in less then 5 minutes, the deep cut on hand started healing after about 2 hours, headache gone after less then a minute.

A note: this is NOT your everyday do-it-all pendulum - it's fairly heavy (70g).

I have only 7 of them that I can offer at this price, so please let me know if you'd like one.


Here's an article by John Living that you may find interesting:

"How is deviceless dowsing different from using the 

Since this is a subject that may be of general interest, I am taking the 
liberty of replying to the ISD list. 

Intuition is a gift from above ".. that he [Horus - i.e. mankind] might 
walk toward Heaven and his Father and never lose his way" - the subject I spoke about at the CSD convention. 

If you are clairvoyant, etc, you can get intuitive help without Dowsing - although checking by Dowsing to confirm that your interpretation is correct is advisable. 

People such as myself have great difficulty in accessing intuition 
directly from the mind/brain team - the interference from the logical side is too great. 

So I use 'Intuition Technology' (aka Dowsing) defined in the 'Standard Dictionary of Living English' as "the exercise of defined signals to indicate intuitive answers by connecting the intuitive part of the mind/brain team directly to the nervous/muscular system so that an identifiable physical response is given without interference from the other parts of the brain/mind team". 

When starting, the response is magnified by the use of a Dowsing tool, such as a Bobber, Pendulum, 'L'-rod, or 'Y'-rod. This magnification enables a person to be more aware that a response is being given, to be sure of the signal, and so gain confidence that this method is indeed giving good intuitive answers. 

As a person and the mind/brain team gain confidence in the signalling system, the magnification may not be needed. A non-mechanical or deviceless system can then be used - such as the movement of one's consciousness or centre of feeling, the friction between thumb and finger, or a vibratory feeling in agreed fingers. 
I use feelings in my thumb for one meaning, and for directions or 
percentages I place my consciousness on the end of my nose - and feel where it goes. 

If it goes to the left temple it would be zero or 'not a chance', to the left eye it would be 25% or 'not likely', straight up to 3rd eye position 50% or 'no decision', to the right eye 75% or 'probably yes', and to the right temple 100% or 'Boy, you sure are on the ball today !'. 
Intermediate position would, of course, indicate intermediate results. 

Hope this helps ! 

Namaste John 

J.M.Living, P.Eng., Namaste: 
2784 Signal Hill Drive SW, I see in you myself; 
Calgary, Alberta, I recognize in you my image. 
Canada, T3H 2L9 I offer you my help in good intent. 
Vox : (403)686-6259 I wish you well in a good life, Fax : Call First ! and success in good missions, 

Now the unfinished business with the dowsing challenge:


I've received very few responses. (I'd like to think that it was due to vacation season, not the lack of interest). Anyway, I've decided to extend the deadline till the end of September, so you can still try it.
My appologies to those that are impatiently waiting for the results.

Pendulum of the month - KARNAK

KARNAK - an exact copy of sandstone pendulum found in Egypt's Valley of Kings, Karnak is now cast in brass, or carved in ebony. It is very sensitive and has very broad range of uses: from water and mineral witching through checking food, diagnosing, checking and dozing medicines and therapeutic radiesthesia and detecting harmful radiation.
Karnak is a mental pendulum and can be used as a transmitter and as a receiver.
Its properties and use are not fully understood. It can detect very broad range of radiation, including ranges between black and negative green and white and negative green. It radiates negative green and can be used as a transmitter for substances either held in hand, placed in a witness chamber or using mental witness. 
It radiates its own energy, so it doesn't need neutralization, but caution should be exercised in its use and it should be stored dismantled.

Pendulum Karnak Small - regular $22.10
special $18.80

Pendulum Karnak Large - regular $25.40
special $21.60

That's all for this update, please keep your questions, comments 
and info coming.

>>May your pendulum always swing the right way<<

Chris Gozdzik
Divining Mind


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