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Dowsing Resources & Techniques --->> Psychic shield

Psychic shield - for psychic protection against psychic attack, health and manifestation

Here is something that I think you may find interesting. I didn't want to send it to you before testing, but results I got were so amazing, that I couldn't wait no longer. It is called "the shield" and was designed by Sevranx brothers in Belgium. It supposed to shield you from negative thought forms, psychic attack, negative vibrations, viruses and microbes. It helps overcome depressions and negative feelings and also balances functions of organs in human body. It may also serve as a manifestation tool and energy broadcasting device.

The full potential of it is not known yet. You can use it on its own (shape energy) or you can give it telepathic commands. All of it is done through a witness - swab of cotton (I used a piece of tissue) placed inside small bottle or vial, wetted with saliva and plugged with natural cork (I used plastic!) and placed in the center of the shield (cross) so it doesn't extend beyond the smallest hexagon. (bottom of the bottle or vial must be smaller).

To use it, orient it N-S with the pilot (circle) pointing North, wet cotton swab with your (or somebody you work on) saliva (or any kind of witness!) and put it inside the bottle, cork it and place inside the smallest hexagon in the spot marked with X. To use it as a passive shield, that's it, just put it where it's not disturbed. It's said that 10 minutes of use gives 36 hours of psychic protection. To use it as an amplifier for mental transmission, stand close to it facing North, put your hands over the shield and create a mental picture of a person you want to help - being in perfect health (result). Mentally send the message.

The shield should be hand-drawn (following the lines with pen or ink) from the inside out. I tested it by putting a tissue wetted with my saliva and putting a piece of paper with question or request - left it for the night - presto! I got my answer right on! Try it and let me know what you think. I'm impressed.







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