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Universal set of 49 pendulums



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The Universal Set of Pendulums was designed and constructed by Jozef Baj, expert in the wide field of radiesthesia, recognized around the world for his achievements in creating "pendulums with a soul". They are praised for they quality and high sensitivity. Research using Kirlian's photography shows highly symmetric and full aura around them, not found in other pendulums.

Thinking of those who are involved in a wide range of radiesthetic endeavors, especially those who help others through unconventional medical treatments, he created a set of 49 pendulums. There are pendulums for general use there, allowing detection of underground water veins or geopathic zones, there are also very specialized ones, designed to help with specific tasks. By careful selection of materials and shapes they have high sensitivity as well as high intensity of generated emission. Also their light weight (about 8.5 g) allows for long work without strain.

The Set consists of:

A. Osiris Set - Osiris 1, Osiris 2, Osiris 3, Osiris with a battery and Osiris tele.

B. Neutral Pendulum (6) for general use (checking for water and irritation zones, checking food, herbs, medicine, medical diagnosing)

C. B-II - a pendulum with memory (7) designed to work with a "witness" and work on maps.

D. WP - Prophylactic Pendulum (8) used mainly in prevention and regeneration.

E. Set of pendulums with pyramid and a battery - Cu (9), Fe (10) and Zn (11) used mainly in healing along with pendulums "life elements".

F. Set of pendulums "life elements" containing micro- and macroelements necessary for proper functioning of living organisms: antimony (12), bismuth (13), bromine (14), chlorine (15), chromium (16), fluoride (17), phosphor (18), aluminum (19), iodine (20), cadmium (21), cobalt (22), silica (23), lithium (24), magnesium (25), manganese (26), molybdenum (27), potassium (28), selenium (29), sulfur (30), sodium (31), silver (32), vanadium (33), calcium (34), wolfram (35), and gold (36).

Their main use is in therapy - checking for deficit or excess of elements in the body and supplementing if necessary, checking water, soil air, food or herbs for different elements, etc.

G. A set "Natural medicine" with pendulums containing traditional natural remedies: climactero (37), amber (38), quartz (39), mumio (40), propolis (41), Pien Tzu Pian - sex (42), Una de Gato (43), Hyayacan (44), ging-seng (45), and Pau De Arco (46). They allow tapping into the source of sometimes centuries old traditional medicine of Tibet, China, India and Europe.

H. Two spare pendulums (47, 48) for use with a "witness" or medicine or herb not found in the Set.

I. Isis - pendulum that allows a very wide range of tasks from simple water dowsing to teleradiesthesia.

The Universal Set of Pendulums can be used in most areas of radiesthesia, e.g. checking for irritation zones, searching for water and minerals, checking food, herbs, medicines, medical diagnosing, therapy, teleradiesthesia (distance healing, work with maps) as well as a wide variety of scientific research.

1-5. Osiris Set.

These pendulums are made the way that they can be put together in different combinations. Osiris 1 to 3 create a base in front of which can be placed either Osiris with battery (4) or Osiris Tele (5). Osiris with battery emits strong radiation of gray (or negative green), but only when it is held by the bead on its string, so it is safe in use and storage. Osiris Tele continually emits gray radiation, but it is weak by itself and it can be stored safely - the plastic case will neutralize it.

It can be dangerous, though, specially in full power combination with Osiris 1, 2 and 3, therefore it must be used with caution - it should not be directed for longer period towards people or animals and it should be stored disassembled.

The Osiris Set can be used in 10 different configurations:

- Osiris with battery alone

- Osiris Tele alone

- Osiris with battery plus:

a. Osiris 1

b. Osiris 1+2

c. Osiris 1+2+3

- Osiris Tele plus:

a. Osiris 1

b. Osiris 1+2

c. Osiris 1+2+3

The Osiris Set is used mostly in a treatment of cancer and bacterial and viral diseases, as well as a generator of carrier wave in teleradiesthesia. In teleradiesthesia the carrier wave is "modulated" with ions of minerals, vitamins or herbs and sent to the recipient either directly or via a "witness" - a picture, a piece of clothing, hair, etc. (see picture)

6. Neutral Pendulum does not have its own radiation, it is very sensitive in spite of its shape and it can be used in a wide range of tasks - medical diagnosing, checking food, herbs and medicines, work on maps, search for water, irritation zones, etc.

After each use this pendulum needs to be neutralized by lightly knocking its tip against e.g. table (odd number of times). Because it is so sensitive, the string should also be neutralized periodically by slowly running blunt side of a knife over it.

7.Pendulum with memory - BII is constructed so it can accumulate specific radiesthetic energy and store it for extended periods of time. It is very useful in work with a "witness" in search for missing people, lost treasures, etc.

Before use this pendulum should be neutralized by lightly knocking its tip on a hard surface (odd number of times), then it should be held over a "witness" and allowed to rotate till it stops by itself. That loads it with the radiation of a "witness" and makes it ready for research.

8. Prophylactic Pendulum emits a very specific radiation very helpful in preventing many illnesses - it is very useful in flu outbreak, preventing bad colds, increasing vitality. It can be used after surgery or in the last phase of any therapy.

9. Pendulum with pyramid and copper battery is used in checking excess or deficit of copper in living organisms, water, soil, etc., and in therapy. Copper is one of the microelements necessary for living organisms. Daily intake should be maintained at 2-5 mg. Deficit of copper might cause low count of red blood cells, infertility, general loss of vitality and susception to various infections. It is used in healing stomach ulcers, prostate cancer, helps in problems with heart, rheumatic diseases, infections and inflammations, helps cleansing kidneys and gall bladder, helps regulating blood pressure.

10. Pendulum with pyramid and iron battery can be used to check for deficit or excess of iron, therapy and research. It is a microelement necessary for proper functioning of human body and its daily intake is 10-15 mg. Low level of iron may lead to anemia, constipation, bloating, nausea, nervous disorders, changes in skin and hair. Iron helps in rheumatism, ulcers of gastric tract, blood circulation.

11. Pendulum with pyramid and zinc battery can be used to check for deficit or excess of zinc in human body, water, soil, etc. Zinc is a microelement necessary in human body and its daily intake should be from 10-60 mg. Low level of zinc is detected in prostate problems, arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis of liver, skin ulcers, osteoporosis, anemia. It is helpful in treating schizophrenia, helps healing wounds and burns, has antiviral and antitoxic properties, plays a big role in proper functioning of male sexual organs.

12. Antimony (Sb) - its role in human body is not fully known yet except that it plays a role in metabolism. It is useful in treating cancers and bacterial and viral diseases. It is being tested for early stages of AIDS.

13. Bismuth is one of the microelements found in human body that its role is not fully understood. It has antibacterial properties and is used mainly in treating diarrhea and inflammations of intestines.

14. Bromine - the role of this microelement is not fully understood yet. It acts on the nervous system and has calming effect, counteracts insomnia, relieves pain. It can be useful in treating various nervous disorders.

15. Chlorine is necessary for proper functioning of a human body. Together with sodium and potassium it regulates levels of cellular and intercellular electrolytes. It has strong antibacterial properties; it is also helpful in fighting cancer.

16. Chromium in proper levels is necessary in human body. Excess in the body may increase the risk of lung cancer and excess in the air may cause asthma. Deficit of chromium may disrupt metabolism as it controls assimilation of carbohydrates; it may also be responsible for cataract. Chromium helps in treating arteriosclerosis, diabetes, fighting some cancers (especially of pancreas), viruses, bacteria and fungi.

17. Fluoride is an important element for human health. Daily intake should be about 3 mg for a healthy adult. Excess of fluoride may cause osteosclerosis, calcification and stiffness of joints, cancers of gastric tract. Deficit, on the other hand, may cause tooth decay, bone, joint and muscle problems. Most industrialized countries may have excess of fluoride in the air, water and soil.

18. Phosphor is a macroelement that is a building block of a human body - in bones and teeth as well as various anabolic and catabolic processes. Its daily intake should be about 400 mg. In therapy, together with calcium, magnesium and silica, it prevents osteoporosis and spinal deformations.

19. Aluminum neutralizes acid in stomach juices and as such is used to control heartburn and ulcers in gastric tract. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

20. Iodine plays an important, yet not fully understood, role in human body. Up to 60% of it is located in the thyroid gland, producing hormone thyroxine and responsible for normal growth and metabolism. Unbalance in iodine level in the body may cause insomnia, sensitivity to cold, hand tremors, depressions, mental retardation, hair loss, unbalance in body weight (either obesity or weight loss).

21. Cadmium is very important to human health as it is very dangerous and poisonous, even in trace amounts - it damages kidneys, lungs, deforms and weakens bones, may cause various cancers. Even the amount of 1ppm in soil causes disruption in plant growth. The pendulum may be used for checking for cadmium in soil, in the air, vegetables and fruit. It can also destroy bacteria, fungi and molds.

22. Cobalt plays a role in stimulating blood circulation and helps in general recuperation after sickness. The human body needs about 0.3 mg of cobalt daily. It is helpful in fighting cancer and anemia, lowers sugar level in blood and has beneficial effect on hair growth.

23. Silica is found in most parts of human body and its deficit may create various health problems, like hair loss, brittle fingernails, various inflammations, skin and gum problems. It plays an important role in fighting cancers, in cellular regeneration, especially bone cells.

24. Lithium, even although its role in human body is not well known yet, makes a big difference in our well being. Its deficit causes abnormalities in brain development, various mental disorders, like depression or aggression. It is being tested in treating alcohol and drug dependencies.

25. Magnesium is necessary for proper functioning of a human body and its daily intake should be about 10 mg for every kg of body weight. It helps preventing illness by increasing body's own defense system. Deficit of magnesium may create problems with nervous system, heart, blood circulation, muscles, may cause arteriosclerosis, anemia, leukemia and other diseases. It may also cause dizziness, hair loss, morning tiredness and sexual problems.

26. Manganese, together with iron and copper, is necessary in process of blood production and its presence allows for correct cell development. Its daily intake should be about 0.2-0.3 mg per kg of body weight.

27. Molybdenum is present in human body in trace amounts and its role is not totally understood, but its lack may cause diarrhea, changes in sexual glands, tooth decay. It is helpful in fighting inflammations caused by viruses or bacteria and in arteriosclerosis.

28. Potassium, together with chlorine and sodium, regulates the level of cellular and intercellular electrolytes. Its deficit may create very serious health risks - disturbances in heart beat, muscle cramps, nervous disorders. The daily intake should be about 2-4 g.

29. Selenium, even although its daily intake is only 0.01 mg, is necessary for proper functioning of human body. It is a strong poison in higher doses, but at the right level it prevents cancers, arteriosclerosis, muscle degeneration and high blood pressure. It helps destroying bacteria, viruses and fungi.

30. Sulfur is necessary to sustain bioactivity of proteins; it kills bacteria, fungi and skin parasites. It can be helpful in treating various cancers, food poisoning, bacterial and fungal diseases, blood infections.

31. Sodium together with potassium and chlorine manages cellular and intercellular electrolyte balance. Its daily intake depends on the environment - temperature, humidity, as well as age and activities of a person, and it varies from 2-4 g. (Sodium is lost through perspiratory glands.) It controls proper osmotic pressure and pH balance in the body. Excess is harmful in bad circulation and hypertension.

32. Silver is found in human body in trace amounts and its role is not quite understood, but it helps in memory loss and nervous exhaustion. It has antibacterial properties and can also be used in final stages of any therapy.

33. Vanadium is used in cancer therapy as well as in treating viral, bacterial and fungal diseases.

34. Calcium is the main building block in bones and its daily intake for a healthy adult is about 1 g (1.5-2 g for teens and pregnant women). Calcium together with magnesium relieves tiredness, headache and insomnia in case of high lead concentration (e.g. pollution from car exhaust). It helps in heart problems, TB and tooth problems.

35. Wolfram is used in treating leukemia and various cancers, viral and bacterial diseases. It is being tested in treating early stages of AIDS.

36. Gold is found in human body in trace amounts and its role is not fully understood, but it is known that it helps activate immune system, helps in some rheumatic diseases and in fighting inflammations. It helps in later stages of any therapy in tissue regeneration.

37. Climactero is a natural product originated in China and its usefulness in stimulating metabolism and balancing nervous system was clinically proven. It is especially helpful for symptoms of climacterium: hot flashes, unstable blood pressure, excessive activity of pituitary body and suprarenal glands, insomnia, various aches and pains.

38. Amber helps in various inflammations (pneumonia, bronchitis), flu, high fever. It helps prevent heart attacks, asthma, and headaches, regulates blood pressure and stimulates blood circulation. It also prevents infections.

39. Quartz is one of the most common elements in the earth's crust. Research indicates beneficial effects of quartz on human body. It has strengthening properties and toning effects. Pendulum with quartz is very sensitive and very useful in checking food, herbs, medicine, medical diagnosing, etc.

40. Mumio, or mountain balsam, has been known and used for over 3,000 years, mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, India, China, Pakistan, Tibet and parts of Russia. It is used in form of ointment, tincture or dressing for wounds or broken bones. It is helpful in cases of headaches, migraines, neuralgia, paralysis, asthma, rheumatism, urinary and digestive tract problems, wounds and bone fractures. It prevents arteriosclerosis, eliminates blood clots, and alleviates pain.

41. Propolis has antiseptic properties and helps fighting viral, bacterial and fungal diseases, accelerates cellular growth - important in healing wounds and regenerating burnt skin, heals ulcers - both internal and external, helps fighting flu and inflammations, helps in early stages of cancer and final stages of any therapy.

42. Pien Tzu Pian (Sex) is a natural Chinese medicine used in various sexual disorders - impotency, premature ejaculation and various diseases of sexual organs in both: men and women. It also prevents neurasthenia and helps in exhaustion.

43. Una de Gato is the root of the Selwa tree and it has been used for its cancer fighting properties. This pendulum can be very useful in diagnosing and therapy of different cancers, especially in their early stages.

44. Hyayacan, called "perpetual youth", is a herb that is used to slow down aging process, regeneration, increasing mental sharpness, specially as a preventive measure.

45. Ging-seng, "the root of life", is probably the most widely used Chinese herb. Known for its stimulating and toning properties, ging-seng has been used to combat fatigue, increase vitality, calm nervous system, regulate activity of heart, gastric system, liver, kidneys, lungs. It regulates sexual glands and can be used in treating certain types of sexual disorders. It is helpful in diabetes and in recuperation.

46. Pau D'Arco, "treasure of Incas", comes from Brazilian Taheebo tree. It has been successfully used to treat leukemia and other cancers, anemia, asthma, bronchitis, infection of bladder, eczema, Parkinson's disease, Hodgkin's disease, gastric ulcers, some venereal diseases, diabetes, rheumatism. No harmful side effects were noticed using this herb.

47, 48. Spare pendulums with place to put a "witness" or mineral, herb or medicine not found in the Set. It can be protected by placing supplied cardboard ring. It should be neutralized before changing to a new insert.

49. Isis is a pendulum allowing very wide range of uses. Its shape symbolizes the Cross of Life as known to ancient Egyptians. It is a very sensitive pendulum due to a battery of four disks that amplify its own energy at a wavelength equivalent to the colour white. It can be used for medical diagnosing, checking food, herbs, medicine, and work on maps. It is a mental pendulum and it can be used as a transmitter as well as a receiver, according to the mental command of the operator. Because it emits constant radiation, it does not require neutralization. It can also be used in teleradiesthesia as a generator of a carrier wave. (See 1-5).

End Notes

Using the Universal Set of Pendulums is fairly simple - you just put the plug with string into the opening in pendulum and use it by holding the bead. (It may need a slight adjustment to get the highest sensitivity.)

The use of some pendulums (Osiris, Neutral, BII) requires special attention, so please refer to the description.

Storing the Set in its case is safe - plastic bag and the case (with Faraday's net on it) are more then adequate to totally neutralize the radiation emitted by pendulums.

There are no set rules as to what mineral or herb will help - each case is different and should be treated on individual bases.

The Set of 49 Pendulums used in teleradiesthesia.  (Pendulum stand and witness holder are not part of a set)

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