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Dowsing Updates --->>April 4, 2000

April 4, 2000

I've noticed a few Polish names - witam rodakow!

Well, it's been 2 years since we have started our adventure (Divining Mind) 
on the Internet - many things have changed, but now more then ever we need 
your input on how to improve our website, what to change, what to add, what 
we could do without.

I've found a place where we could try to use a bulletin board to exchange 
ideas, ask questions, or just say "hello" to other dowsers. The URL is:


Click on "Our Community" and there's a subtitle "radiesthesia/dowsing"
- I posted a "hello" message.
We can try it and if it works well - we can either use it there or create 
our own. You can either post as a "guest" or register.

In the last update I was wondering how to determine the level of health 
for certain organs for use with chromotherapy and here is what Kirti sent:

My Dear Chris Gozdzik,


You wrote:- how to determine that the organ is 100% healthy?

My Response:-

The easiest method is to dowse using the Index numbers -


Subject:- Chris Gozdzik

Pendulum Dowsing Report indicates:- One Year Average Index Values = 0 to
9 - Physical Centers
0=best value - 100% positive
1 & 2 = Above Average Values
3=average value - 70% positive
4 to 8 = Bellow Average Values
9=weakest value - 10% positive

Index Value

Personality Index:- 0
General Intelligence Index: 0
Verbal Intelligence Index:- 2
Health Index:- 1
Heart Performance Index:- 2
Liver Performance Index:- 3
Lungs Performance Index:- 3
Brain Performance Index:- 1
Nervous System Performance Index:- 3
Circulatory System
Performance Index:- 3
Pain Index:- 1
Disease Index:- 0
Depression Index:- 0
Stress, Tension, Fatigue, Index:- 5
Destiny Index:- 1
Vastu - Feng Shui index:- 5
Net Effective Energy Balance Index:- 6
Negative Thoughts Index:- 1
Food Index:- 5
Business Performance Index:- 4
Life Harmony Index:- 1
Inter-Personal Relations Index:- 0

Color that suits a healthy organ will not change - but different persons
may have color allergy of some color which may be the healthy color for
some organ - usually a person who has color allergy would not need that
particular color therapy -

According to my experience with color therapy and based on Pendulum

Color Organs

Violet Brain, Nerves,
Indigo Heart, Veins
Blue Kidney,
Green Liver,
Yellow Intestines,
Orange Glands,
Red Testicles,

Same color would be suitable for all organs of the same system - e.g.
Violet is good for Brain and Nerves as also for all other organs of
Nervous System e.g. Ears, Eyes, Nose.

A person who has color allergy of Violet Color would not ordinarily have
any diseases, dis-orders, and ailments concerning Nervous System.

Do share with me your important Dowsing Experiences -

With Regards and Radhasoami

Kirti Betai
Modern Vastu (Energy) Science
visit www.harmony000.org to download your free Pyramid Energy Pattern -
Best for Protection - Aura Cleansing - Feng Shui - Healing - Geo-pathic

I think it's an excellent idea that can be used for many different areas of 
Now, that you know my weak spots - please don't use it against me! :o)


Several people wrote about the resources for the new dowsers and here
is the summary:

* Dowsers are usually self-taught, gathering information and trying different 
techniques on their own, sometimes comparing notes with other dowsers. There is 
usually one person that gets the interest started, but there is no mentor 
to speak of.

* There is no one source of information that would "score" higher then other - 
I guess everyone needs a bit different piece of the puzzle.
I would add here the importance of knowing how to search for the info.
On the Internet - one has to learn to use search engines effectively.
My favourite is:
spend a moment and see the difference in using different search algorithms. 
Also check the links and rings:
There are plenty of links to hundreds of web pages - it'simpossible to visit them all, 
bookmark those that interest you and go back later.

* Discussion lists are a good source of dowsing info - sometimes you have to wade 
through lots of unrelated stuff, but it's worth it to get occasional pearl.

* There are many dowsing conferences and workshops that can provide a basic and more 
advanced training. Please do 
check the credentials of lecturers as in the USA and Canada anybody can "teach" dowsing.
The situation is much better in Europe where there is a system in place to check the 
competence of dowsers offering 
services - certified dowsing schools and requirements to pass an exam to get a licence.
(I was quite shocked when I found out that in Canada one doesn't need any formal 
education to become a counsellor!)


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Well - that's it for this time. Please keep your questions, comments and requests coming!

Happy dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik

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