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Hanford Nuclear Waste Site Clean-Up Project --->>

Hanford Nuclear Waste Site Clean-Up Project

Time - from Saturday, September 1st, 2001 at 5pm Pacific Time (GMT minus 8 hours) till Sunday, September 2nd, 2001 at 5pm Pacific Time

Here are some facts and some thoughts about the project.

Let's start with the location.

Map1          Map2  

More maps are available from: http://terraserver.homeadvisor.msn.com/image.asp?S=17&T=2&X=12&Y=201&Z=11&W=2

"The Office of River Protection oversees the Hanford Site's tank waste
remediation system, which is a large and complex effort to remediate 60%
(by volume) of the nation's and 90% (by radioactivity) of the Hanford Site's
radioactive waste resulting from nuclear weapons development. It includes
remediating approximately 190 million curies in 53 million gallons of
liquid and solid waste that have been accumulating in underground storage tanks
for more than 50 years and 143 million curies in cesium and strontium

"The Hanford Site in southeastern Washington State has one of the largest
concentrations of radioactive waste in the world. That waste is the legacy
of 45 years of plutonium production for nuclear weapons, which began with the
Manhattan Project in the 1940s and continued through most of the Cold War.
Fifty-three million gallons of high- level radioactive waste are stored in
177 underground tanks near the Columbia River, the lifeblood of much of
the Northwest, and must be dealt with before more waste leaks to the soil and
groundwater. Sixty-seven of the 149 older single-shell tanks (SSTs) have
leaked an estimated one million gallons of waste. Some of that waste has
been detected in the groundwater that flows to the Columbia River seven miles
away. It is critical to treat, immobilize, and dispose of this waste.

"Hanford Site high-level waste radioactive underground storage tanks are
large. The high- level radioactive tank waste will be treated and
converted to a glass waste form via a process known as vitrification. Vitrification
is the most effective treatment process to produce a durable, stable waste
form in which radioactive and hazardous constituents are incorporated and
immobilized. Vitrification is the preferred means for treating high- level
radioactive waste and has been successfully employed in the United States,
France, and England.
Once immobilized, the high- level fraction of the waste will be stored on
site at Hanford until it can be shipped to a federal geologic repository
for permanent disposal. The low activity fraction of the waste will be
disposed on the Hanford Site. The project was proceeding to acquire privatized
waste treatment and immobilization services from BNFL Inc. However, in May 2000
DOE announced it's intent to terminate that contract after BNFL Inc. submitted
a proposal that raised serious concerns in many areas, including cost and
schedule, management and business approach. ORP is now proceeding to
acquire a WTP under a cost-plus- incentive fee completion contract using the
process development and design work accomplished by BNFL Inc. Proposals
for this new contract were received in October, and a contract was awarded
to Bechtel-Washington on December 11, 2000."

Our main objective is to contain the liquid waste that is leaking from the tanks so that it doesn't reach the ground water and doesn't contaminate the Columbia river.

You can use any method you are comfortable with, be it a prayer, meditation, thought form, sending love, white light, reiki, etc. 

Please try to clear your mind from any negative feelings and emotions - hatred, anger, outrage, judgment, etc. and fill yourself with love and positive emotions.

Please  remember to be open and receptive for the outcome to be of the
highest  good and not to interfere with the cleanup efforts already in progress at the site.

A few years ago Japanese priests who were praying over the condition of
Lake Biwaka. After some time the lake began to clear up and become less
polluted. Some scientists investigated this and did labratory studies of
the water molecule and what happened to it when exposed to prayer. A
scientist named Dr. Emoto published his findings in his book "Message from
Water." (see http://www.earthtransitions.com
Since discovering that prayer actually changed the molecular structure of
water itself, they instituded a national day of prayer for the waters of
Japan on July 23rd.
The success of the idea prompted many around the world to take up that
prayer and so now the date of July 23rd is honored Internationally as a
day to honor and give thanks to the waters of the world.

"drawing a blue line around the sites that were leaking (heavy, multiple
lines) on a map to effect a dam to hold the snot in place and keep it
from coming to the river. OR--- draw a heavy line around the whole
reservation, to hold the contaminates in place."

Here are some thoughts, extracted from our discussions:

"I think we should be open and receptive to the highest and best
good for the situation, that is if one is disciplined enough to have a
clear mind with regard to outcomes."

"The focus is on saving the Columbia River and all that it gives life to
from contamination by Hanford's toxic/radioactive waste. I just have to believe
that the Universe will hear and sort out this message and act upon it in
the best way, no matter how inept my prayers turn out to be."

"It's not how we pray, it is just praying to be open and receptive for the outcome to be of the
highest and best good."

"Let's not try to dictate what the individual thought processes involved should be;
rather, rest easy with the knowledge that our intents and beliefs are
the same. We know that with our belief and honesty behind the work,
there will be a beneficial effect."

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