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Dowsing Updates --->>March 6, 2003



We got some feedback on the orgone devices - it's still sketchy and we
don't have all the details, but it's very promising. We will continue testing
it and, as usual, you will be the first to know about our findings.
So far we found that:

1. It blocks / converts harmful energy lines - 25-100% efficiency.
(In some cases, specially the first batch of them would split the energy
line in two at about 45 degrees. It may happen when the device is
overloaded. It still works, it just can't copy with the volume. Maybe adding
another one would help - some testing needs to be done).

2. Blocking EMF - 60-65%

3. Restoring balance in positive / negative ions - 70%

4. General health benefits - 30-50%

5. removing noxious energy from the surrounding area (not on an energy
line) - 50-75%

6. Opening / adjusting chakras - from nothing to 60% - testing is a bit
difficult here, maybe we'll get results from Tom on Prognos machine.



If you dowse for some time you probably noticed that your results are not
always consistent - sometimes it's better, sometimes not so great.
There are many superstitions and myths connected to dowsing - wearing
white, black or red, crossing legs, dowsing during storm or full or new
moon, etc. I believe those are self imposed limitations. In my opinion - our
dowsing performance is directly connected with how well balanced we are
- physically, mentally and emotionally. Other things may have some
influence, but it's possible to work through it.
But what if our dowsing fails us completely? What I mean by that?
I'm working on a new pendulum design where testing radiesthetic colour
plays a major role. I have charged a pendulum with a particular colour and
was checking it periodically if it was holding the charge. A few days ago I
proceeded to test it again - to my surprise the pendulum I used for testing
didn't make a move! I took a different pendulum - same thing! I could still
detect the energy coming out of it, but I couldn't determine the colour.
I tried using a colour chart - no go.
It's been like that for 3 or 4 days and my other dowsing skills where
affected as well. I'm slowly "recovering" from it and hope to be in a full
"swing" soon. What happened - I have no idea! I tried to analyze
everything that was different. I wasn't under more stress then usual and
nothing was out of the ordinary.
Has it ever happen to you? Any possible causes? It would be good to
know to be prepared if possible.

Please send your questions, comments, suggestions, your favorite
dowsing and healing stories...

That's all for now, keep on dowsing, regardless...!

Chris Gozdzik  

Divining Mind   http://www.diviningmind.com

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