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Dowsing Updates --->>November 25, 2003


This update is sent using a brand new script - it has many options that I haven't explored yet. I've decided on text plus HTML as it gives me tracking option to quickly see how many messages have been delivered. We will be able to change it later.
Thank you for your response to the last message - all in all there were about 120 responses, which is only about 12% of the whole list and that's why I decided to buy this script. Let's hope it's going to be better from now on.
Dowsing Responsibility
Many of us are involved in some form of dowsing - dowsing for water, minerals, finding missing people and, of course, different forms of healing. If done to or on ourselves - there is no problem. Things change if we offer it as a service, either paid or voluntary.
We take a great responsibility for the outcome, specially when there is a serious health problem or financial risk involved.
I think the first important thing is to talk it over with the client or patient in as much detail as possible to avoid misunderstanding. Good rapport is essential, without that we may not accomplish anything.
Judging by my own experience - we have to get our own house clean before we can help others - heavy stress, pushing yourself to the limit, unresolved emotional issues - they all have negative influence on our work. Also we need to make sure we have our ego under control.
For truly (w)holistic approach we need to work on all levels and from the highest spiritual level we can attain ourselves. There is more and more good reading on the subject. I know I have a long way to go.
There were some attacks on dowsing and dowsers through e-mail lately. In the last 5 years I received one such e-mail and 3 in the last 2 months. Is it a sign of interesting times ahead of us?

This is a repeat from the update that went to only a few people:
We get many dowsing questions and I enjoy answering them, but sometimes I can't answer them in a timely fashion, so that's how the idea of Dowsing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) came about. I need your input - what questions would you like to see there answered? Any other creative ideas?

If you have dowser on your Xmas list - don't wait too long, the Postal service is already slowing down. If necessary - use the XpressPost option. (at the bottom of the catalogue page).

That's all for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik Divining Mind http://www.diviningmind.com

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