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Dowsing Updates --->>September 25, 2003



There was no update in August - I got so involved in my new pet project of energy transfer and house projects that the time seemed to vanish. Have you noticed that time seems to be compressed lately? Not enough hours in a day?
I'm not sure if it's just my personal experience or the time is not linear anymore :o)

New Dowsing Rods
I'm happy to announce the addition of two new dowsing rods:
The first one is a telescopic L-rod that has adjustable length and is collapsible - perfect for those special projects where you need to tune your rod or take it to hard to get places.

The other one is a sturdy, well made rod with a brass handle with adjustable swivel point and smooth action, also can be taken apart.
We have an introductory special for those two rods:

Telescopic L-Rod regular: $35.75 special: $32.00

Deluxe Swing (L) Rod regular: $52.00 special: $48.00

You can access the special order page at:


Some of you asked about the influence of ELF (Extra Low Frequency) radiation on dowsing. It is used by the army and other agencies supposedly for underwater and underground communication, but there is way more to it.
The frequencies used match human brain frequencies and can (and are!) used to manipulate our emotional state without our consent or knowledge.
In my opinion it is not only unethical, but also criminal and I'm strongly opposed to it.
Yes, it can negatively influence our dowsing and it's fairly difficult to shield ourselves from it, but you can add it to your own protection rituals.

There is also a trend to modulate high frequency waves with ELF - it is very difficult to detect and goes directly to your brain.
I think the best protection, as usual, is education.
Learn to recognize your sudden mood changes, analyze if there is legitimate cause for your emotional state and if you can't find any - there is a good possibility that those emotions have been artificially induced and you should
just dismiss them.

That's all for now, keep on dowsing!

Chris Gozdzik

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