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Dowsing Updates --->>Feb. 19, 2001



Thank you for all your support on the subject "Do you want to be
a healer?". It meant a lot to me. No, I'm not going to give up on
trying to help people. There was a lesson there and I'm willing
to learn. My friend with cancer is not giving up, either, and
together we try to find the best way of dealing with it. 

Kirti wrote (edited for length):

"Yes - if we become emotionally involved then our dowsing gets affected.
This is due to the fact that accuracy in dowsing depends upon our level of
access to the Information stored in our and the patient's Energy Force Field.
When a dowser is emotionally disturbed his access level would be lower and so
the accuracy would be poor.

If we remain detached from the patient it would mean we are operating
from higher levels of Energy Centers and our access level is higher so our
dowsing results are better.
Higher levels of access or remaining conscious at higher levels or
remaining detached can be achieved through meditation.

Nikhil wrote:

<...> "While doing dowsing, we should be considering ourselves as a Channel
partner for God (Universe, nature, cosmos, Christ or any name you are comfortable
with). The I /ego shall exist to the extent that one will have to use
his brain for questioning. In Sanskrit, it is known as Nimitta matra (meaning
you are just an instrument). We should have that feeling while dowsing. <...>
Nikhil Shah

Walter wrote:

<...> "To help somebody, you must be cold minded and warm hearted to
know the inner reason of illness. There's no other way to do
something positive for almost everybody and also, the ones
closely involved with you, including your family. Our
responsibility is like medicine doctors: try to help as much as
possible. Ever, the worst wall you will find is the resistance of
the one you are trying to help. Some people want to be sick or
die. They have lost living desire. What can you do? The ego is
not a problem. Help confidence confirming diagnosis with other
conventional methods." <...>


I'm pleased to announce that I got permission to publish Dowsing
Classes that were presented on-line at the Digital Dowsers and
the first in series is already on our website. You can access it
from the main page at: 


through "beginner's resources" link, or go directly to:


There will be more to come, so if you are a beginner - this is a
great place to start, if you are an experienced dowser - you can
refresh your techniques and maybe find something new. By putting
them all on one website you will have a chance to compare
different techniques and approaches and choose the one you feel
the most comfortable with. If you are a teacher - I'd like to ask
you to add your input!

This is a pendulum made with love by Jozef Baj - the creator of our 
Cadillac Line. It has all the features of the one made out of brass,
but gives the feeling of warmth of hardwood (acacia pseudoacacia).
It measures about 4.5" (11.5 cm) and we have several of them available 
in stock now.

That's all for this update. Please keep in touch!

>> May your pendulum always swing the right way <<

Chris Gozdzik Divining Mind 

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