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Marilyn Gang, the Leader of the Toronto Dowsers http://www.TorontoDowsers.com  put together a great list of energy dowsing techniques based on the work of Raymon Grace http://www.RaymonGrace.com or http://www.TorontoDowsers.com/toronto/raymon.htm and was kind to let me make it available to others.

When I think of dowsers all over the place doing this, I have a mental picture of a field of windmills --- each small windmill making its own contribution to changing the wind patterns in a beneficial manner, each one making a difference. (Hope the following is accurate. Have tried to include a lot here.)

What one generally uses dowsing for is to get information. We use it to get answers to questions, to detect. Now, In this "new"-er dowsing --- some call it spiritual or emotional dowsing:

We use a pendulum to change energy. We use a pendulum to change a state. We use a pendulum to make a correction. We use the pendulum to actively make a change.

We may ask what the situation is, such as energy level, and, if it does not seem to be at a high enough level, we ask that it be made higher and we Make It So. We change it. Through the use of the pendulum.
Through our intent, focus, practice and belief.

How do we do this? How do we use the pendulum to change energy?

Here is one way: When we tell our Dowsing System something such as: "Bring my energy level to its highest available level." - or - "Clear my energy field of all non beneficial frequencies" - or - "Scramble the
frequency of fear"

We are not asking for a reading, i.e., a yes no or maybe; we are TELLING the dowsing system to DO something (after having first received permission to do so, of course.)

In asking we often ask: "Is it in my highest and best interest to ____X_____"?) "Is it in ___X's____ highest and best interest to ___X___?)

We use COMMAND MODE, such as: The pendulum moves. With some people it circles in a "yes" direction. With some people, it circles counterclockwise to remove and clear energies, clockwise to add energies. The longer and stronger the circle, the more energy it is moving. Bobbers are used in the same way. When it stops moving, the energy change is completed.

So, we are clear, we have permission, then we state something such as: "Scramble the frequency of ___X___" and the pendulum moves as described above.

Here are some questions that are good to use every morning, and, also when you begin your dowsing session:

1) Do I have permission to dowse now?

2) "Is my energy field clear and balanced?"
If yes, go on to the next question. If no, ask: "Can I may I should I clear and balance my energy field now?" If yes: "Clear and balance my energy field now."
(Your pendulum swings, as indicated above, and wait for it to stop.)

3) Are there any non-beneficial frequencies or energies affecting my energy field or attached to me?
If yes: Can I may I should I release these non beneficial energies now?" If yes: "Release these non beneficial energies now and (send them to the light, transmute them in to positive energies, etc.)

For many questions, we use charts. Your chart might have a scale of 0-10, 0-100, numbers on the positive as well as the negative side, etc.
The chart in Letter to Robin www.lettertorobin.com is one of the good ones. You decide the scale you like. I used my own, below:

Ask: "What is the level of my available life force at now [on a scale of 1-100]?" As the answer to this ought to be 100, if it is less than 100, using Command Mode, raise it up to 100 like this: "Raise the level of my available life force up to 100 (or, up to its highest appropriate level), permanently balance and stabilize
it at that level."

Next: What is the level of my Vitality on a scale of 1-10? (If it is less than 10, ask if you can raise it up to 10. )

What is my energy level at now? (If it is less than ______ ask if you can bring it up to ______. ) Energy levels are always changing. When I first started this, an energy level of 45,000 was considered to
be beneficial. Now it is 2,3, 4 or more times that amount.

You might query: "45,000 what"? For the moment it is a relative scale. When you are clearing places, ENSURE THAT THE ENERGY LEVEL of PEOPLE is ALWAYS HIGHER than an area. Otherwise they may feel tired.


You can ask: Is there any phase of my life that is under the influence of the dark side? And if you get a yes, clear it.

It is probably not beneficial to work on clearing something or others until you clear and balance, etc., yourself first.


Energy raising is something we can all do and it can have a profound impact on our homes, our neighborhoods and this planet, if you do it on a regular basis. Think of it as taking an energetic shower. You take a shower every day, why not clean your energy every day? Get started and do it. Ask these questions every morning, it takes 2 or 3 minutes. They can clear and strengthen your energy and make it
possible to continue dowsing in a clear, strong, grounded state.

When you have a blockage or a non beneficial situation, ask: That any beliefs, thoughts, thought forms, fears, memories, emotional and cellular memories associated with this blockage or situation be
removed and transmuted to the best and highest energy.

(From my experience - it's better to remove all the blocks before you start raising your energy, health vibrations, etc. - C.G.)

Other good questions:

Is my total mind, body and soul in balance?

What is my level of fear on a scale of 0-100? (bring this down to its
lowest appropriate level)

For: LIFE FORCE, ENERGY, VITALITY - You want to RAISE these levels.
For: FEAR: You want to LOWER this to the LOWEST appropriate level.

(You can fill the void with pure, unconditional love. - C.G.)

The suggestions simple, don't they? The idea is for us to understand that WE CAN "just" DO IT!

Go for it!

Thank you.

- Marilyn Gang -

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