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Most healers I know are dowsers and a lot of dowsers I know are healers. Someone should come up with a name that combines the two. To do the "healing " that I do I combined bits of several programs and some of my own.

I have been to many classes, schools and read about others that do healing. Threw all of this in my mind spun it around and came up with things that I liked about each class I've been to, and now it is Joe's way (and Marta's).

Does it work? Sometimes it is instantaneous. Other times it takes a while. I'll take you through the method I would like to be able to use if possible.

To do this you should have 2 people and practice on each other. Get your close friend that you always drink coffee with and doesn't think you're completely nuts but will humor you. Or your husband or wife. OK are you ready?

Step 1; set your subject in a chair right in front of you.

Step 2 ; you take a step back and say something nice to the angel that you are going to call on to give you the power to do this "healing". God has all these angels up there that love to help you do this healing if you just call on them so get serious and look up to the heavens and tell them how grateful you are for them being able to help you. Don't kid your self into believing that you alone are doing this. This power comes from somewhere else.

Step 3; Now ask the angels to send the "healing power" down into a spot right in front of you and just behind your subject. As they do this step up into this spot with your elbows at your side and your hands ahead of you, the palms turned up to receive this power. Feel the warmth and love coming in your whole body.

Step 4; Ask your subject if it is all right if you touch him or her as the case may be. Walk up behind them and place your hands on their shoulders, sending God's love into their body. Stand there for a while feeling the power flow through your hands into them. Ask them to visualize that their body is a washing machine and you are sending God's love in the form of a warm cleansing soap to cleanse their body of all the hurts and pains of their life. All the fears, all the disappointments and all the should and should nots, your animosities for others and forgiveness for those who have animosity toward you. Throw anything in there that fits the subject’s life.

You know half of this work is intuition. So add to or take off what you want. This is just my way.

Now back to the washing machine, take your index finger and apply light pressure just below the collarbone. This is where you send healing power to the heart. Do this for several minutes or until you get the signal that the job is done. You will know. Then using your thumbs press slightly on their back 2 inches above their shoulder blade and 2 inches from each side of their spine. These are "my “release points. As you do this tell the subject to spin out all this stuff that has been bothering them for years. Spin it out just like a giant washing machine.

All this time have them breathe through their nose and exhale out their mouth. . As you are talking about all their problems you can feel them tighten up and as they spin it out, they seem to just let it all loose and relax. If they are still a little tight ask them to spin it again, that you don't think they got it all out the first time. If they need it do the process again and send in more of God's warm love. Some times it takes several sessions to get the relief the subject is seeking.

Now step 5; the person would have come to you with a problem. So you know what to look for, sometimes they don't even know. In one case I worked on the person had an allergy to perfume. As I worked on him I held my left hand on his shoulder and used the pendulum over his head. Asking the spirits to relieve him of all his allergy to all perfumes. It worked like a charm as with a few more that I've done since. The pendulum will spin in a clockwise motion till the job is done. It will quit, and then ask that the void be replaced with God's love and any color the person wants in there. Then the pendulum will spin in a counter clockwise motion until it stops. This method can be used for any problem the person has. Thank the spirits or whomever you use or God if you wish.

Now some of you feel that you and you alone are doing the work. Hey that’s all right. I just feel that we get heavenly help in the healing work. An example of heavenly help happened to me in Georgia one night, A lady came over to the place where we were staying and wanted me to work on her, (hands on healing), She had a real bad case of shingles in the face. Her face was swelled up really bad especially the left side. We were having a birthday party at the time. So I took her back to one of the bedrooms and sat her on a dressing stool. I did the healing work and my hands were shaking and I was sweating, as was she. This was February mind you, not too warm. After I got through I let her sit there for a while and come back to earth. As it turned out I wasn't kidding. While I was doing the healing she had an out of body experience. As she was floating in the ceiling she looked down and saw herself being worked on by an angel, a big white angel and I wasn't even there. These were her words not mine.

OK back to the lesson. You now can fluff their aura just like you would a pillow only don't hit the person. As you try this you should feel the aura push back so very gently, lightly. To practice this take your hands in front of you an palms facing each other bring them almost together several times and it seems to get thicker. This is what you do to the subject to fluff their aura. Another thing you can do is by moving your right or both hands over their body, (works better if they are on a massage table), and noticing any area that feels either hot or cold. As you move across the area of an injury or a diseased area it will give off heat into the palm of your hand. It will feel like a warm breath of air, very subtle. This is where the body scan would really come in handy, for you would have a good idea where to concentrate your healing energy.

For those of you that missed the body scan lesson write me and I will send that lesson to you. *(See below)

Now after all this work that you have done on this subject there is one real important thing that needs doing. Your subject should be in comfortable clothes and in their stocking feet. The subject needs grounding. If they are sitting down or lying on a massage table it makes no difference. Take a hold of their feet and gently hold them or if you want massage them. It is a very humbling experience to work on someone’s feet and very comforting to them. Do you remember Jesus washing the feet of the disciples? Use your dowsing and intuition to "read " them. A lot of this will just come to you. You feel when to do what, There is no room for ego when you are doing healing work. You are working with their energy body and unlike other systems the only place you touch the subject is on the shoulder and the feet for grounding. I feel the heart area is the center control area for the whole body and all the emotions.

I have used other methods that are well known but it makes me (and probably the subject) nervous to be placing my hands where they require you to in their methods. So this is why I have come up with Joe's way to do it. You are welcome to try it as it is simple to do and non-invasive. INTENT will allow for a lot of mistakes we do. Last but not least is to give your subject a big hug when you are done. Joe



You start out with a drawing of the human form. Next and up most is get permission!! Don't scan some one without it. We will call this person Mary Whatshername, as or target for today, she said ok, do me. Write her name and all you know about her on the top of your sheet. Then start with your pendulum at the feet and work slowly up the legs search for past and present problem spots. Mark them with an x or check mark or circle. Your pendulum will circle in those spots. Go right up the body and then the arms, hands head area then the back side might show something else. (For instance if you had a circle in the heart area.) The power of the swing is the first indication of how serious it is. A small swing might be normal but a large one needs looking into. Ask on a scale of 1 to 10 what condition is Mary's heart, 1 being good, anything over 5 needs attention. If you pick up something in the arteries above the heart check their cholesterol. They could be partially blocked. This scanning has no limits in what you can find. You can even go to a more advanced book to further search. Like a Body Atlas. But the simple body scan will give you a lot of info. If you find something in the liver area ask a series of questions to pin point it. Like MaryMarie says, ask the right questions. Now that you get this information, what do you do with it? You are not a doctor and you can't diagnose. All you can do is suggest to them to see their doctor. For instance if you found a spot on the person's breast, DON'T run out and tell her she has cancer. Merely say I found an area of CONCERN on one breast. Use a little common sense with this. I had a friend in Georgia contact me via email and ask me to do one on his wife. I did and found a bad heart. I suggested she see a doctor right now! She didn't and 3 months later she had a massive heart attack in the doctors office. Took a 4-way by-pass to fix it. They thought she would die but I sent my spirit guide and ask him to gather all he could to help. It was real close. So what you find in these innocent scans could save someone's life. I'm sending a scan like I use. If I can get my scanner to work. Happy scanning.




Internet Healing Work

It is possible to do healing over the net with just the email address for an address. It seems the angels have it all figured out. How to do this is the next lesson. When I get a request for" healing " I do a body scan on the person with their PERMISSION) and try to find the areas that need work. Sometimes they tell you what is the matter or suspect is the matter. I did some work for a fellow that just knew he had prostate cancer. I could not find it and told him so. He went to several Doctors and found out that it was just enlarged and no cancer. Now that you're at your computer and have the scan in front of you with the persons name on it and any other history that you know, you're ready to go. If it is the prostate area as was the case of this fellow, you would ask your spirit guide or whom ever you ask or just your self to please send healing energy to this fellow to relive the problems he is having. Your pendulum will start to spin in a clockwise motion and let it run till it is through. Now it might seem a stretch of the imagination to believe this but several on this list can tell you it did work for them.

INTENT is the important part of all energy healing. It is similar to sending a thought form. The important thing is don't send your " healing" to anyone unless they ask. If they are beyond asking, in a coma and a kinfolk asks you, that is fine. On occasion you can send the help to the person and just park it next to them so they can use it if they need it. But if you are sent it over the net you won’t have this problem. No matter where the problem is you can figure out a way to send healing to that person. Maybe that person is very low on self-esteem. In that case send him a basket of self worth, tell him he or she is some one.

The problem does not have to be medical. Every body should know that some one loves them for what they are. So send them love, lots of it. To be able to help someone is a wonderful feeling. The next time someone asks for help on the list take out your pendulum and get to work. You can say a prayer for them and that is good but to use your pendulum to send the help multiplies that energy several times. You don't always have the subjects @ so just send it anyway. The angels will find the right person. I sent healing energy to Israel and it took 18 minutes one time and 24 hrs the next time. But it did get there.

"Healing" of the subject also depends on how they accept it. John sends his angels to help as I have done also and they did help. One person I did a body scan on wasn't very receptive to the info I sent her. I told her that she needed to have her heart checked. 3 months latter she did and had a heart attack in the Doctors office. A 4 way by pass was performed so I sent my guide to help out and asked him to get anybody else he could find to go along as she was going to need all the help she could get. It was nip and tuck. A couple of days later he showed up back here at the house and I asked him how it was going. I got the feeling not to good. He went back down and she pulled through. She will never know how many angels and guides were there pulling for her. I did not do healing on her at that time as that was several years ago and I hadn't realized that I could do it.

Just think if we got a bunch of good Internet healers how much good we could do. If I had done healing on this lady she might not have had the close call. Maybe she needed to go through this. Think about what I've told you, you all can do this if your heart is in the right place. Now for those of you that have never connected with your spirit guides. That is the next lesson.



I think this will be on my way to connect with your spirit guide. There are probably many more ways but I'm not aware of them. So it will have to be my way. Each of us has a spirit guide, possibly more. But one for sure that is to stay with you till you pass over and are sent back here to become one yourself.

My wife and I have had a lot of drama in our lives. So I guess the people upstairs decided to send me a spirit guide and make me aware of him being there. We were watching a murder mystery on TV and I was trying to dowse the guilty person. The pendulum started a very distinct motion, something like an * .A series of long oblong swings in a rotating fashion. I asked Marta what was going on as she watched it do it's thing, on it's own. We asked all kinds of questions and finally came to spirit guide and the pendulum just about jumped out of my hand. We tried all kinds of ways to find out his name, gave up and call him Tom.

He doesn't seem to mind. I'm not sure he is with me all the time but comes when I need him. He loves to go on trips as he is always there in the car or pickup when we get on the road. I believe these guides are just persons like us that are recycled, sent back to learn more and possibly to correct some of their own faults they had while over here the last time they were here. Just my thought on spirit guides.

Now sit down in a quiet spot and take your pendulum out and ask YOUR spirit guide to give you a signal that he is there. Most of the signals I have seen were in the * style. Yours may be different but who knows. If he or she fails to answer you, go to the source and ask God if you have a guide. You should get a yes. When He answers ask him if He would instruct the guide to send you a signal that you knew it was him every time. Then ask the guide again.

Once you find out you have a guide it gives you a warm feeling to know you have help any time you need it. I must have had mine a long time before I found it out as several times I got into a very sticky situation and he has taken over for me and took care of it and I didn't remember any of it. I wont go in to details but take my word for it he took care of the problem in a hurry using my body to do it.

Once you find you have a guide make sure he is from the light Just ask him are you from heaven? If he isn't then tell him to get lost. Some people claim to channel and I don't doubt it that they can but some of the spirits that come through are not from heaven. We had a well known dowser several years ago that channelled some "Great" spirit and he told him the world was gonna do all these bad things and he wanted every one to join him in another Jonestown type community .He wrote some good dowsing books before this spirit got a hold of him. So always ask where they come from, just say " Are you from God?" simple as that. The simpler you can keep dowsing the better it is. . Joe

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